Scott Moffatt Makes Record Without Brothers

Published: 2006-05-15
Former Moffatt member Scott Moffatt is getting ready to release his first record without his brothers to back him.

Scott was a member of the Moffatts, a country, turned pop, turned pop-rock group, since he was just a small child. During their pop and pop-rock phases the boys gained the kind of Hanson-esque screaming success any pop group could ask for.

Since then the all-brother group comprised of Scott and his triplet brothers Bob, Clint and Dave have split, musically anyway. Clint and Bob started a group called Hidell and Scott was a member of The Boston Post for a while before heading off on his own.

After moving to LA the oldest of the Moffatt brothers started work on his solo record The Allegory of the City. According to his myspace, Scott wrote, performed, mixed and produced the whole album all by himself though he did have some help from his fans for inspiration, "He launched the project late last year on his personal myspace, asking fans to send in instruments they found around the house, sound effects they recorded and household objects he could use in the recording process. Beyond an acoustic guitar, the entire record is composed from instruments those fans all over the world contributed."

Going along with the do-it-yourself aesthetic Mr. Moffatt is also distributing the album through his website and myspace. Pre-orders placed before June 19 will also get a bonus EP. The albums will be shipped in late June.

If you're looking for a taste of what the album will sound like you can have a listen to "The City's Teeth", "These Walls" and "Perilously Here" at Scott's official myspace. Here are all the tracks that will be on the disc:

"The City's Teeth"
"The Way It Rains On Your Home"
"Three Songs To Explain:
Part One: Making You Appreciate;
Part Two: Loaded Questions;
Part Three: And The Body Crawls Back To The Warm Ranch"
"What Were They Looking For?"
"These Walls"
"Perilously Here"
"Sorry Elly, I'm A Line Kook"

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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The link to the myspace is ... you can buy the record at :)
Posted by: Anonymous on May 15, 2006
Can't wait to get this cd. So far, it sounds awesome.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 20, 2006
well.. i wanna download the songs of The Allegory of the City but i cant find any where thx..
Posted by: Anonymous on July 27, 2006
Are you happy now,Scott?
Posted by: Rayra on September 06, 2006
where can i buy that album!!!!!! i wanna have it.....!!! i have the moffatts' album since theyre started...:)
Posted by: Anonymous on September 15, 2006
perilously here is great.sounds like
"spy" from submodalities.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 19, 2006
Scott please get you Dave, Bob and Clint back together and go back to being the Moffatts. You guys were so awesome together.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 26, 2006
Scott I Love you very much...i'm kim 18yrs.old.. and you are my idol when it comes to music.. I already knew you since I'm only ten yrs.young.. muah.. be good ...
Posted by: Anonymous on April 30, 2007
hi im sheryl from the philippines, iv'e been your fan since i'll be there 4 u music. tomorrow june 24, 2007 we will having a moffatts fans reunion here in the philippines.
we miss u guys love u!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 23, 2007
Hi Scott! I miss the Moffatts Band terribly! Is there any chance in the world that the Moffatts will get back together??? Been your fan since The Moffatts album came out. I really really really LOVE your music! Love ya!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 06, 2007
i love the moffatts very much
Posted by: Anonymous on August 17, 2007
LoV3 U Scott,
will the moffatts back together again?
Plisss,get bob,dave n clint back with U..
big huge from Indonesia
Posted by: Anonymous on November 12, 2007
clint and bob are recording in nashville helped by scott moffatt. while Dave has just left his last band "lights out love" this middle january 2008. listen LOL (dave's last band) on

Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2008
Hi Scott! I miss you so much! I'm glad you're back! Hope to hear it from you soon. I love you always! mmmmmwaahh!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 16, 2009
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