He's the Mac

Published: 2003-09-09
With the announcement of Justin Timberlake signing a deal with McDonald's
there is a whole new area to the music biz. Now we can expect to see Justin
chomping down on a Big Mac (tm) and mmmming contentedly to himself. And
then pocketing the cash.

Is this a new phenomenon? Not really. There have always been celebrity
endorsements of products. Now there may be a new wave of horribly tacky
commercials featuring your favourite artists.
Britney spilling some hot coffee on her lap - "Oops I did it again!"
or Mick Jagger modelling lip gloss for the world to see.
Has their situation become that desperate? Are music industry losses and cd
copying driving these musicians to ply another trade? Or is this simply
another cash grab from the big names?

It would be one thing if they actually believed in whatever trash they
happen to be pulling, but it is highly dubious that Justin is a real
supporter of extra salted fries. They help give him energy when he's dancing
on stage and keep his great figure...right.

It may be that McDonalds is so desperate in light of the recent court cases
they will try anything to turn sales around. Hopefully Justin will not
start a trend amongst popular artist to whore themselves to the corporate

Fan reaction may range from the disbelief and hostility that Metallica
suffered when they came out against Napster to a whole-hearted embrace from
the young crowd. Some artists, such as Chad Kroeger of Nickleback are
speaking out against this sponsorship, emphasizing the focus being on the
music. Others are sure to remain anti-establishment, but how long can they
resist the green being thrown at them?

At least if Dave Matthews wants to endorse weed he'll have to come to

Writer: Nathaniel Whitfield



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