New CD Swapping Site

Published: 2006-03-10
A new website hopes to have music fans swapping music online, while also giving artists their just due. is offering music fans a new way to trade music online. The site gives people a chance to swap used LPs for the price it would cost to buy a digital single. How does it work? People post a list online of CD's they're willing to swap. The site then sends you some envelopes and postage for the trade, and when someone likes what they see you send your disc away! Likewise, if you spot something on Lala that tickles your fancy you can get it from that person for $1.00 US plus $0.49 postage.

In a letter posted on the Lala homepage, founder Bill Nguyen tells fans that his reason for starting the site was to give musicians their due. "Despite what is depicted on MTV's Cribs, a wonderfully entertaining show, most musicians don't live large with a big house and five cars. Rather, the majority of musicians struggle to make a living from their recordings, and must depend on other income producing activities such as performing concerts or selling merchandise," he says.

Nguyen doesn't only speak with his words, but also with his actions. He says that 20% of the profit from his used CD sales will find a way back to the artists' pockets.

He even asks that when you sell your CD through his service that you really sell the CD. "I ask you to do your part by doing the right thing: remove songs from your iPod or PC if you've agreed to send the CD to another member." No word on whether his users heed this request.

Currently 250 people are trading on the site and the membership has recently opened up. The only catch is that you still need to be invited by a current member to join.

But not to fret - Nguyen says he plans to launch the site fully by this summer.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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Posted by: Anonymous on March 10, 2006
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