50's and 60's bands hope for

Published: 2006-02-27
Oldies fans beware, if you're heading out to see your favourite 50's or 60's bands like the Platters, the Drifters or the Coasters, you may actually be going to see imposters.

The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in Sharon Pennsylvania, says that hundreds of bands touring the country under these names really have no ties to the original artists that made these names famous.
In an effort to prevent this from going on further, Senator Bob Robbins in connection with the Vocal Hall of Fame introduced the "Truth in Musical Advertising Act." According to the Associated Press, the act "would allow state Attorney Generals to stop an impostor band performance with an injunction, and seek civil penalties of up to $15,000 against impostor bands and those who promote them." Also, "To be considered bona fide under the legislation, a band must include at least one member of the original recording group. Tribute bands would not be affected."
Recently Pennsylvania has made this a law and South Carolina and North Dakota already have 'comparable' laws in the system. Several other states are currently debating the issue.

The issue has become a problem for the actual former members of these oldies bands as the imposters charge less than they do to perform, thereby taking work away from the actual artists. Former Coaster Carl Gardner says he can't compete with phony Coasters who charge $1000 a gig when he charges $10 000 for the real deal. On top of that if the phony band doesn't do a good job it "tarnishes his reputation".

Gardener hopes all 50 states sign on to this new piece of legislation.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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This has got to be stopped, our lawmakers need to take this bull by the horn and kill it. Many consumers do not realize, that they are being ripped off by impostors-their booking agents-as well local promoters until it's too late after the ticket has been brought and they sit down in their seat at a venue.

Many original artists/groups, are losing fans not to mention money and work because of impostors.

Posted by: Paul Wolfe on July 16, 2006
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