BB King offers 'Lucille' as Reward for Finding Pup

Published: 2006-02-08
BB King is offering up one of his signature guitars to the person who can find his dog of the same name.

The blues legend named his two-year-old Maltese pup "Lucille," the name he gives his guitar.

The puppy went missing about a week-and-a-half ago in West Hollywood while in the care of his co-manager, Matthew Lieberman. "Canvassing nearby animal shelters and putting up some 500 signs failed to turn up any trace of Lucille," the Associated Press reports.

So to aid in the search for his missing canine, King is offering up an autographed Lucille guitar as a reward to whomever can find his dog.

The bluesman just released 80, an album of duets to celebrate his 80th birthday. He will be heading out on the road on February 9th, and hopefully Lucille will be home before he leaves.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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Someone please find his dog. If I was in Cali. I'd be looking. If not for the guitar do it just because. Dogs are mans' best friend and BB is one of my musical best friends although I have never met or seen him play. He is a beacon of inspiration and hope for those with diabetes, music lovers, players, and listeners. If you love life do it (find the dog) for the satisfaction of knowing you made a legend smile, not the guitar or financial gain.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 08, 2006
I hope fine your dog best frind you got ps good day
Posted by: Anonymous on February 11, 2006
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