Red Hot Chili Peppers Double Up For New Album

Published: 2006-02-02
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to premiere their new album, Stadium Arcadium and this time the band is ready to do something they have never done beforeůand that is to release Arcadium as a double album. The album, which was originally slated as a trilogy of sorts, was narrowed down to two discs instead of three. The first single, "Dani California" will be hitting radio airwaves soon. The double album, which has a bit of romantic tinge to it, will be in record shops by May 8.

Confirmed track listings for Stadium Arcadium are as follows:

"Dani California"
"Stadium Arcadium"
"Hard to Concentrate"
"Desecration Smile"
"Animal Bar"
"Wet Sand"
"21st Century"
"Ready Made"
"Tell Me Baby"
"Especially Michigan"
"Mercy, Mercy"
"Only 18"
"Slow Cheetah"
"Storm In A Tea Cup"
"C'mon Girl"

Writer: Robert Frezza



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Red Hot Chili Peppers are the best man they know to express themeselves in with an awesome song
Posted by: Anonymous on February 03, 2006
They are by far the best band in the world. Lyrics with depth, and a groove between the instruments that has been called purely orgasmic by some. As a musician I strive to make music like these guys. It tends to transcend genres and pull listeners from all walks of life. 20+ years strong and showing no sign of slowing. The evolution has been wonderful to witness.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 08, 2006
Best Band in the World? Im guessing you havent heard of Led Zepplin. Now as musician that is some major deprivation! Look up Mr Jimmy Page if you want to lear how to play a guitar...there aint no other way!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 16, 2006
I LOVE the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I love this site and article on this site talking about the new rhcp album and having the list of their new songs on this site. Thank you all for creating this article about the new rhcp album. Keep up the excellent work that you all do. Take care.

diehard rhcp fan justin.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 08, 2006 be fair Led Zeppelin was great in their time (and even now compared to bad bands like Green Day) but give the chili peppers some credit...they have been rocking for a long time and have a kind of style that no other band has even come close to capturing. Check out "What Hits?!" the album (actually compilation) and listen to "show me your soul", "knock me down" and many of the other songs on there...there isn't anything else like it in the world.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 08, 2006
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