Canadian Idol Auditions Open Nationwide Next Month

Published: 2006-01-20
Get your bristol board and glow-in-the-dark puff paint ready: Canadian Idol is coming back.

The American franchise of the Idol shows just got started on January 17th with all the usual Idol audition highs and lows.

Here in the north we haven't even begun auditions for the fourth season, but if you're looking forward to the show, eTalk daily, whose host Ben Mulroney is incidentally also hosting Idol again, just announced which eleven cities will be holding auditions.

If you think you're the next Canadian Idol, you'll be glad to know that though Canuck contestants haven't reached the success of Kelly Clarkson, they're not doing too badly for themselves.

Last year's winner, Melissa O'Neil, and runner-up Rex Goudie are heading out on a major Canadian tour, and both have hit singles climbing the Canadian charts.

Kalan Porter, the 2004 winner, had a sold-out Canadian tour, a double platinum album, and likely cooler hair than most in the country. The third place idol from the same class, Jacob Hoggard, started the band Hedley and opened for Simple Plan on its cross-country tour.

And though we haven't heard much from Ryan Malcolm in a while, he did have a platinum record.

If you're an Idol hopeful, according to the website the show is trying to make it as easy as possible for you to take part. "Unlike previous years, the audition tour has been scheduled to visit cities almost exclusively on weekends. The auditions will be held in easily-accessible locations frequented by youth, including malls. And, again for the first time, competitors can now arrive any time between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on every day of auditions, as opposed to previous years when hopefuls needed to arrive by 8 a.m. on the first day."

So if you're between 16 and 28, here's where you can find your idol dreams:

February 18-19, Edmonton, AB
February 25-26, Vancouver, BC
March 4-5, Regina, SK
March 11-12, Winnipeg, MB
March 17-18, Montreal, QC
March 25-26, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
April 8-9, Halifax, NS
April 22-23, Ottawa, ON
April 18, St. John's, NL
April 28-30, Toronto, ON
TBA, Yellowknife, NWT

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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Now first off, Don't get me wrong I love the show. But I find it just a little unfair that there is'nt a wider age span for the show. I'm 32 years old, And Along with other singing hopefuls. I think that there should be a program that caters to our needs and dreams. Something other then going to some seedy bar and winning a $100 prize and still left wanting something more. A chance, an opportunity to shine and make something of ourselves. For us and our families. There's alot of talent out there over the age of 28. And maybe I'm not what they'd be lookin for but I'm sure there's someone out there. And like me all they really want,other then to make it big and do something good for they're families. They(we) just want the same opportunity to prove it.
Posted by: GuardDawgE on January 25, 2006
GuardDawnE has a point.A lot of people his age have really great voices, and are proud of it. Besides wasn't it canadain idol not teen idol?
Posted by: Anonymous on January 29, 2006
Hi! My name is Jordon James I'm 16 years old I would like to know how could I go about to enter the canadian Idol. Please could you help me and provide me with information.
Posted by: minou 331 on February 05, 2006
Don't put all your apples in one basket (as my mom used to say). If you REALLY want to pursue your dreams, audition for the Canadian College of Performing Arts. They have a 100% employment rate for grads ---- that's virtually unheard of for the performing arts! The college is auditioning across the country, kicking off in Edmonton at the same time as Idol. Check out the website for audition places and time.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 13, 2006
how can i get on canadian idol im 16 years old and my name is theresa
Posted by: theresa101 on April 09, 2006
when will the new canadian idol auditions begin and where, and how can i get to sign up. please this is very important. i need to know this. it's my dream to become the next canadian idol. i'm a great entertainer and that's whaat i want to be i can sing, dance and in the future i wish bo be an actress, but taking things one step at a time if you could help me that would be great. thanks.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 22, 2006
I would like to be a canandian idol for the 2007 so if please jnust tell me when u guys are started and ill go and make my dream come true
Posted by: Anonymous on January 17, 2007
i want to know when canandian idol's commin in ottawa
Posted by: Anonymous on January 19, 2007
Canadian Idol is a great show for teens and adults. But can't Canadian Idol have a show about kids singing and getting $1 Million Dollars, cause for my own opinion I think lots of parents out there, want their children to be singers too.

P.S: Please create a show for talented kids who can sing. Maybe you can title it:

Mini Canadian Idol!

I hope you would answer my comment...
Posted by: Anonymous on August 16, 2007
Hey, my name is Alex, and i am 15 years old, i was wondering if you will be 16 within a few days to a week, and have a parent, are you allowed to audition? or do you HAVE to be 16 at the time that you are auditioning? Please let me know!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 26, 2007
Canadian Idol will not be on my TV this year as Saskatchewan auditions are not available this year. What in the heck did the kids do to deserve the skip over of this province?? Sorry I am sure there will be some great entertainment on the show but I feel sorry for the kids and parents that will have to travel just for a tryout.
Posted by: trudy887 on January 03, 2008
im 12 years old, turning 13 and i think its stupid that i wont be able to try out. i have a great voice and have won the school talent show 6 years in a row, and i can sing songs by people like aretha franklin, almost perfectly! its been my dream to sing, and sing on a big stage, not the schools!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 24, 2008
hello, my name is Nikkita and i know i cant try out this season because im not 16 tell june, but i will for sure be on next year trying my hardest to be the next canadian idol. i hope i have what it takes because in my heart and soul i feel that i can be a canadian idol.

im just writing this to give you a heads up that Nikkita Ruby Irene Lyon. is going to blow you away next year.

Posted by: Anonymous on May 18, 2008
HI! I think that canadian idol should have a show for kids! i'm only eleven but my brothers say i can sing better than hannah montana! I THINK KIDS SHOULD HAVE A TRY AT IT TOO!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 09, 2008
i currently live in regina saskatchewan i would like to know how i may go about gettin an audition
Posted by: Anonymous on December 29, 2008
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