Chad Kroger suing former Nickleback drummer

Published: 2005-11-28
When Canadian rockers Nickleback parted ways with their drummer Ryan Vikedal it was not an amicable split. Now more fuel has been added to the fire.

As reported in the past Vikedal claims he was fired from the group. Now frontman Chad Kroger and his production company Arm Your Dillo Publishing Inc want to prevent Vikedal from claiming any royalties from past Nickelback albums.

Vikedal participated in several hit albums for the band including The State, Silver Side Up and The Long Road. But now Kroger wants himself and his publishing company to own the sole rights to those three Nickelback albums. Not only does he want the former drummer to stop receiving royalties but he wants him to repay any royalties already received.

After his departure in January Vikedal was replaced with Three Doors Down drummer Daniel Adiar.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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wow..thats kinda of wrong, I mean Chad DID write the lyrics but Ryan helped make it sound the way that it did both live and recorded. I am a HUGE Nickelback fan, I always will be, like #1 but I still think that Ryan should get a portion of the money because it was his talent that helped them make it to the top, it wasn't just the guitars, bass and lyrics, It was the drums too.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 17, 2006
I'd very dissapointed if I'd spent years playing in a band only to find that it was all for nothing. I don't dislike Nickelback; they have their place and it's quite good fun, but it's just hammy rock and nothing more. I mean it's one thing to sacrifice musical integrity and play the cheesiest rock music on the planet, but to do it
and get no money for your troubles is just plain wrong. Chad - let him have the cash.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 20, 2006
I'm a huge Nickelback fan and especially of Chad. He's just so hot!! BUT...I do not think it is fair to out someone of their money that helped create the sound of Nickelback. Ryan is very much intitled to that money just as much as everyone else. It seems that Chad is being greedy and trying to take all the credit and money. Sounds familar to the incident with Josey Scott who sang "Hero" with him and didn't receive all the money he was supposed to either.
Posted by: Anonymous on August 08, 2006
I think that's wrong. Ryan may not be a member of Nickelback now but he was then and went through all the same hardships with the band to get where they are now. He deserves his share. At least the royalities that he already recieved should be left alone. I love Nickelback but that is just wrong.
Posted by: stubbornangel on August 20, 2006
iam a huge fan of nickelback from india
but never expected chad kroger my role model to deprive the royalities and the credits wich the past drummer deserved
even if rayan vikedal quit the band he dedicated his parts for nickelback to be where they are today shame on you chad! i hope your reading
Posted by: Anonymous on January 11, 2007
I loooveeeeeeeee you guys
Posted by: Anonymous on January 11, 2007
wow... chad needs to cool it... the drummer definitely deserves some of that money considering the drums is what completes the music... i havnt heard any good song without a good set of drums (besides all acoustic guitar songs)... even orchestras and techno songs have percussion.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 13, 2007
good grief, chad! chill it man! life's not all about money!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 07, 2007
its all about the money in todays world of rock n roll
Posted by: Anonymous on March 12, 2007
remind me never to play for him.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 18, 2007
hey chad I like our music.
you really cool
and i think the band is awsome and i hope
that you guys never split up because that wouldnt be good.

Keep up the great work

Micheal and sammy.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 08, 2007
I dont care what Chad does as long as he keeps singing and making beautiful music. As far as that drummer, it all depends on how he left..did he really get fired or was he a butthole and just left the group stranded to struggle? GO CHAD!!!! WOO-HOOOO! love you baby!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 11, 2007
nice one, suing your drummer
well i would also so i`m with ya on that one (ttyl)
Posted by: Anonymous on May 04, 2007
I think thay more information should be relesed before any one starts to say anything about why ryan should get anything.Thats just what i say.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 09, 2007
i am a huge fan of nickleback!!! i love chad but ryan should have goten some of the money i mean he relly helped with the sound of nickleback but chad wow he has a sexy voice and i think he;s really hot but ryan needs to be back in the band!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 13, 2007
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