Sony BMG CDs Bad for Your Computer

Published: 2005-11-14
It seems that Sony BMG's attempts at anti-piracy have backfired.

The copy-protection software the company has put on its new CDs in order to prevent "casual piracy" has turned out to be a computer ill.

It seems that when you download a CD that includes this software to your hard drive, a "rootkit" program gets copied onto your system along with it. Like spyware, this rootkit keeps track of what's happening on your PC to ensure you're not copying your CD too many times. But it takes up room on your hard drive, and makes your computer more susceptible to viruses, particularly those sent through e-mail.

On November 1st a class action suit was filed in Los Angeles against Sony BMG. According to Reuters, "As a result of Sony's failure to disclose the true nature of the digital rights management ('DRM') system it uses on its CDs, thousands of computer users have unknowingly infected their computers, and the computers of others, with this surreptitious rootkit. This rootkit has been responsible for conflicts within computer systems, crashes of systems, and other damage."

On November 2nd Sony released a patch in order to remove the rootkit from computers. Attempting to remove the rootkit can be damaging to your computer, however.

So in short, if putting copyright protection is supposed to deter people from just getting a pirated copy or downloading it from a peer-to-peer site, and encourage people to buy CDs, then Sony is doing an awfully bad job.

Some CDs to watch out for include My Morning Jacket's Z, Amerie's Touch, and Neil Diamond's 12 Songs. The software appears on new Sony BMG CDs with copyright protection.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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this is a joke. i bought one of these cds and i was amazed when i found that i couldn't even make mp3's out of it. simply strategery. is the bush family in charge of sony, too?
Posted by: Anonymous on November 14, 2005
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