k.d. lang Seeks to Deny Lapp of Luxuries

Published: 2005-11-10
Canadian singer-songwriter k.d. lang is suing her former manager for taking an unidentified amount of money from the singer's accounts.

The reason the amount is not stated is because the singer isn't really sure how much was taken.

Lang is suing Annabel Lapp Group, company owner Annabel Lapp, and an employee Dina Correale. Lapp was Lang's manager from 1990 until September 2nd of this year, when the two parted ways.

Reuters reports that the suit alleges Lapp wrote herself cheques worth a total of $22,000 just after being terminated. It also says she claimed $50,000 in fees owing, and an additional $75,000 to help transfer lang's affairs to a new manager. Lang is refusing to pay the latter amount, and the two sides continue to tussle over the $50,000.

Lang hasn't released an album since 2004's Hymns of the 49th Parallel.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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I notice when reading about this incident people are very quick to assume wrongdoing on the part of the Business Manager and believe that because kd is suing that it is true... however there is a reason people are innocent until proven guilty.... the fact is kd Lang was not completely in the dark for 16 years about her finances and to suggest it is absurd.

Ultimately her career is in the tank and she is going broke because she is very careless with money, so why not try avoid all the outstanding fees she owes her previous manager by claiming she has been defrauded...

There are 2 sides to every coin. People should stop assuming and wait until the evidence proves what has occured.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 02, 2005
Lang's career has tanked and she seeks someone else to blame. Utterly shameful.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 08, 2007
I couldn't agree more with the comment posted December 2, 2005. Shame on Ms. Lang for blaming others on her irresponsible financial decisions 18 years of management and not being aware of your finances - ya right! And no doubt now will bring down various other people to ruin them financially possibly for the rest of their lives - SHAME ON YOU LANG!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 23, 2007
I've had dealings with Annabel Lapp and she is a snake. She mismanages money all the time and leaches off her clients. I guarantee that she will go down here.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 11, 2007
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