50 Cent Movie Posters Removed From School Areas

Published: 2005-10-31
Fifty (or should I say fiddy) Cent's blossoming movie career, like his music career, is beginning to stir some controversy.

Posters for the rapper's new movie, Get Rich or Die Trying have been taken down in areas near schools after protests. In the movie, Curtis Jackson (Fiddy's real name) portrays a drug dealer who gives up the life of crime and violence to become a rapper. The poster that has been drawing controversy depicts the rapper's arms outstretched with a microphone in one hand and a gun in the other.

In areas of Los Angeles plagued with gang violence, community leaders began to protest when the movie posters were erected near schools, saying that they promoted gun violence. As a result of the protests, Paramount Pictures removed some of the movie posters in such areas.

Get Rich or Die Trying is due to hit theatres November 9th.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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yeah so what if he gave up a life of crime 2 become a rapper surley dat iz better dan being a crime person ? well dats what i think anyway x
Posted by: Anonymous on November 03, 2005
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