Rock Star: Van Halen to air?

Published: 2005-10-20
According to sources close to the reality TV show, Van Halen will soon be making like INXS and attempting to get themselves yet another new singer via that lengthy and ludicrous karaoke contest known as "Rock Star".

Though the reality show has not yet been officially renewed for a second season, the source told MTV News that the VH boys will soon be auditioning potential successors to Messrs. Roth, Hagar and Cherone.

The first season of the show saw Canuck J.D. Fortune "win" the job of being lead singer for aging Aussie popsters INXS; Fortune's debut single with the band, "Pretty Vegas", is currently lightly warming the airwaves, with the band's first album since 1997, cunningly titled Switch, due next month.

Van Halen's "people" have so far refused comment. However, Rock Star host and reality TV show veteran Dave Navarro has already indicated he would like to return for a second season, adding "Van Halen would be awesome I'd just love to sit and hang with Ed."

I suggest everyone boycott this show unless David Lee Roth tries out. You know he wants to

Writer: Neil McDonald



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Ha! David Lee Roth wanting to try out for Van Halens new show, yeah right. The show sounds really good though, and i will surely watch it. So dont boycott it! Every member of van halen (please excuse the singers at this moment) is a greatly accomplished rocker.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 24, 2005
Rockstar INXS makes TV shows like American Idol look like kids play. The idea that you become the lead singer for the band is also much more rewarding than winning a talent show which makes the viewing much more interesting. Please Mr.Navarro come back to host the show and I would also be interested to see if any of the INXS contestants would be interested in having a crack at Van Halen.

Cheers Blake
Posted by: Anonymous on October 26, 2005
Chances are that bassist Michael Anthony will also need a replacement, as he is more likely to continue down the music path with Hagar who is still putting out regular studio albums.

Eddie Van Halen, on the other hand, is so gimpy these days with illness and booze, that he now only turns out an album every decade.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 14, 2006
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