INXS Announces First Tour with JD Fortune as Lead Singer

Published: 2005-10-05
As promised on its reality TV show, Australian band INXS and its brand new Canadian lead singer will be hitting the road in early 2006.

As reported a couple of weeks ago, JD Fortune won the reality TV competition Rockstar: INXS to become the new lead singer of the band.

The band will be touring in support of its new album, Switch, to be released on November 29th. The band's current single is "Pretty Vegas," a tune that JD penned on the reality TV show before he officially became the band's lead singer.

So if whether you've been an INXS fan for years and years or you're a reality TV junkie who was backing JD, you can check the band out on the road:

January 18, Vancouver, BC - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
February 7, Toronto, ON - Massey Hall

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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HELP no dates in AZ PLEASE add us to your dates!!!! I would follow JD Fortune any-where if i had the means to do it, but i don't. So PRETTY PLEASE come to AZ Thanks Kelly
Posted by: Anonymous on October 05, 2005
I think it is an insult that inxs is not coming to nova scotia and are only going to 2 canadian cities........I will no longer support inxs until they recognize their other fans in canada. Nova Scotia gave inxs our jd fortune...why isn't inxs giving us a show.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 05, 2005
When are inxs coming to the uk - London please?
Posted by: Anonymous on October 08, 2005
JD is just what INXS needed. Attitude, talent, motivation and a sultry sound. Pity the Oz band isn't playing in New Zealand - 1 hour away. Many many fans and a large city (2.5 mill) and many large venues. Come on guys.we in NZ had JD picked from day 1 - 2. Sorry you took so long to see the obvious. J.9 (<-:)
Posted by: Anonymous on October 08, 2005
I agree also that INXS should put more dates in Canada.....especially in Nova Scotia...cause it would be my pleasure and for sure the pleasure of many of us in the Maritimes to see JD and INXS ...
Posted by: Anonymous on October 12, 2005
For those of you in the Maritimes, exspecially N.S...I'm possitive INXS will come there and tour eventually. I don't know JD personally, but he doesn't strike me as the type of guy to forget where he came from, he will want to return home. I'm thinking they [INXS] will do this quick pass of Canada then come back and finish up the 'world tour' here. After all there are a lot of major cities between here (I'm a vancouverite) and T.O to visit. Not to mention Halifax beyond T.O. I'm assuming the band is just trying to get their name back out to the public with playing the smaller venues and fewer dates.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 13, 2005
Oh i hope JD and INXS come to New Zealand, i would so love to hear his soft sexy voice with the band in concert!! I had JD picked from day one... mmm those eyes!!! Christine :-) NZ!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 13, 2005
Come on INXS come to New Zealand!!!! you have to or ill die from INXS withdrawl
Posted by: Anonymous on October 14, 2005
I agree that INXS should come to the Maritimes! I would be great if they did an outdoor show...maybe on the "Hill" in Halifax! Let's all keep our fingers crossed. xo Nancy-NS!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 16, 2005
Let me start out by saying I am absolutely ecstatic that my favorite band of all time is touring again. I have been a fan of INXS since I was about 7 years old, I am now 30 and have loved the band through good times and bad. We all miss Michael more than any words could ever express. But it's nice to see the band back doing what they do best. And for them to choose Nova Scotian, JD Fortune, well I couldn't be more proud! All the love & luck in the world to JD & INXS and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, include Halifax, NS in your tour dates for 2006! It would be a dream come true for me to see the band that I have loved for so long live in concert! Signed life long INXS fan!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 16, 2005
INXS can only offer to play two Canadian cities!? Somehow this seems unfair. They plan on playing some middle-of-nowhere venues in the US, but can only manage Toronto and Vancouver; how sad. If it is about the fans, I guarantee they would easily fill up hockey arenas in Canada. I guess if INXS prefers a Casino tour...have fun.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 20, 2005
You MUST come to HALIFAX NOVA SCOTIA !!! I really don't understand why INXS is only playing 2 Canadian cities...Rockstar INXS show was #1 in Canada, JD is from Nova Scotia and Ontario, there are a lot of fans here...Maritimers always support their own people, so please come and do a concert on Citadel Hill or the Metro! We saw CHER, Rod Stewart and Garth Brooks there and it was awesome! OR how about the outside concert site in Moncton, New Brunswick??? We saw the Rolling Stones there in September and it was fantastic!
JD please come HOME!!!INXS we want you!!
Posted by: Wendy McInnis on October 25, 2005
I just want to say how dissappointed I am, that the Toronto shows sold out so fast. We even joined the fan club and were unable to purchase tickets. How can that be that there are no more tickets?
Posted by: Anonymous on October 26, 2005
JD FORTUNE must come back to the maritimes and show off his new friends...WE ARE YOUR FANS and we are your family JD.. come back and VISIT PLEASE.. INXS come back to the maritimes!!! Rolling Stones did and WOW look at the crowd they drew in..COME ON INXS....
Posted by: Anonymous on October 27, 2005

Posted by: Anonymous on October 28, 2005
Cheer up folks. I emailed INXS shortly after the Toronto shows sold out and they told me that the dates announced so far are just the FIRST LEG of the North American tour and that more Canada and U.S. dates are going to be added to the second leg of the North American tour. Remember everybody that this is a world tour so they are just getting started.
Yes the Toronto shows sold out incredibly fast. I also spoke to Ticketmaster about it and they told me that the demand for tickets far outweigehed the supply. The ticketmaster agent also told me that they have had calls from all over the world about the INXS shows. I don't blame INXS for many of us not being able to get tickets. The ticketmaster agent also told me that only 10% of the total tickets are permitted to go in the fanclub presale so it's not INXS's fault, they also have to follow Ticketmaster rules. Congratulations JD & INXS for finding each other. I am so looking forward to seeing them live. JD is HOT !

Posted by: Anonymous on November 06, 2005
Just so you know, INXS will be in Halifax in June 2006. ;-)
Posted by: Anonymous on November 11, 2005
INXS just HAS to include NZ in their Switched On tour - even 1 little show - we are so close to Aussie where they must be going, and they have to know how loved they are over here! I have my fingers, toes and eyes all crossed in hope that the announcement will come soon. Rock On, INXS!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 27, 2005
INXS come to Buenos Aires... we will collapse the MonumentalS Stadioum!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2006
Hey I just got back form the concert in Moncton, New Brunswick. and Just so u know it was AWESOME!! I loved every minute of it. JD is extremly hott. and he can move. he seemed so happy to be back to his area even if he is from nova scotia.. I am from there and I couldnt be more proud of him for making it big, He will do good in the music business. He is an awesome singer.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 08, 2006
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