Army Of Anyone: Rock 'n' Rollís Latest Supergroup

Published: 2005-10-03
Pop quiz: When your singer bolts to become Axl in the karaoke Guns N Roses (face it, a Rose is a Rose by any other name), leaving you in alt-rock no-man's land despite your years of patient thumb-twiddling while he toured the rehab clinics of America, what do you do? What do you do?

Why, you form your very own supergroup, of course! Or, at least, that's what you do if you're Stone Temple Pilots brothers Dean and Robert DeLeo. The two have joined forces with erstwhile Filter singer Richard Patrick and, uh, one-time David Lee Roth drummer Ray Luzier, to form Army Of Anyone, the latest entry in the supergroup sweepstakes, a rock and roll tradition begun anew in recent years by the boys in Audioslave and Velvet Revolver.

The new band, currently recording their debut album with uber-producer Bob Ezrin, got together despite the fact that neither Filter nor STP have officially called it quits. "Personally, I wrapped things up with my past a while ago", Robert DeLeo told MTV somewhat cryptically, "and I don't know whether this signals the end, but it definitely signals a beginning." Added Patrick, "this band is my priority right now."

Army Of Anyone's as yet-untitled (but most likely self-titled) debut album is slated for release in early 2006.

Writer: Neil McDonald



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Hy there,
Now what i'd like to know is to who'm is the article refering in the first line saying.
''While he toured the rehab clinics of America''.
If the reference is made towards W. Axl Rose isn't time then to leave this man alone and respect him for the big contribution he added to the rock scene!
If by any chance I mis interpeted the article, then please accept my depest appoligy.
Posted by: joanna on October 04, 2005
Im not 100 percent positive, but im pretty sure that line is in reference to Scott Weiland. The former lead singer of STP.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 06, 2005
Man, I listen to Weiland in 1992 and 2004, its not even the same guy. He monotones his way through songs, no soul in them anymore. Good Riddance!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 20, 2005
It is about Weiland!. I saw him with STP in Glasgow 2000, and he was the best frontman i've ever seen, simply mesmeric!

Saw him last year with VR and he's not the same man..darn shame, STP are the best live band i've ever seen!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 28, 2005
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