New System of a Down Album

Published: 2005-09-22
You haven't even got all the songs on System of a Down's most recent release memorized and they've got a new CD ready to hit shelves on November 22nd.

Hypnotize is technically the second half of the band's May 17th record, Mesmerize. The new album will have the same kind of sound as Mesmerize, because the two were actually recorded at the same time.

To add to the continuity of the two discs, Hypnotize's album artwork, done by guitarist Daron Malakian's father Vartan, connects with the artwork on Mesmerize to create one continuous piece of art. As well, the last track of the new CD, "Soldier Side," is the continuation of the "Soldier Side Intro," which is the first track on Mesmerize.

The new disc will be available as a regular old CD and also in DualDisc format, which is basically a CD on one side and a DVD of the band making both of this year's releases on the other.

The first single and title track from the new album will be released to radio on October 11th.

The rest of the tracks on Hypnotize will look a little something like this:

Kill Rock 'n Roll
Stealing Society
Holy Mountains
Vicinity of Obscenity
She's Like Heroin
Lonely Day
Soldier Side

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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i love system of the down and i listen to them all the time on my sterio,
they r so awsome
Posted by: Anonymous on September 29, 2005
i love system of a down
Posted by: Anonymous on February 06, 2006
System of a down rules! Serj is gorgeous, I love him, and his amazing voice.
Danny Rivas
Posted by: Anonymous on February 27, 2006
Serj is awesome at vocals
so is Daron, as well as guitar
John is one heck of a drummer
Shavo... awesome Master Bassist!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 20, 2006
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