Ex-Destiny's Child Member Goes Solo

Published: 2005-09-19
If you kept up with the once constantly changing lineup of the super girl group Destiny's Child you may remember LaToya Luckett. A member of the group from its inception until 1999 Luckett has been keeping fairly quiet since splitting with Beyonc» and company.

Soon the 23 year old R&B singer will be releasing a new song "All Eyes On Me" which will also be found on an as yet untitled album to be released in February 2006. She will be shooting the video for "All Eyes" soon.

LaToya has worked with rappers like Mike Jones and Slim Thug on her new sound and other tracks previously leaked on the net that she's recorded include "Hey Fella" and "No More".

Her tune "What Love Can Do" was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie Coach Carter this year.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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i think it's good that she's doing her own thing, i really hope she does her best during her solo album
Posted by: Anonymous on September 19, 2005
she'll try. i like her... dut there is no way she'll never be what destinys child is now. destinys child is a group that is the best atist in history!! she'll have to come with every thing she has just to keep up with them
Posted by: Anonymous on September 20, 2005
Posted by: Anonymous on September 29, 2005
I Wonder whats taking so long it's almost the end of February whats the set back I'm getting impatient. i lover her voice I can't wait for her to crush these whack artists out here..
Posted by: Anonymous on February 25, 2006
I heard latoya singing on v-103 the other day and i was blown away, truly she was overshadowed by the "leader" i love beyonce as a solo artist, but in destiny's child everyone played in her shadow. do your thing! hope your cd sell "millions without them"

Posted by: Anonymous on March 02, 2006
It's about time we get to here someone else from that previous group besides Beyonce, she's a good person but I see she's come out with another albulm, WoW is it because it's time for Latoya to shine - now that's just wrong Beyonce'
Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2006
Gurl do yo thang i think you will make it and im a big fan of your new song gurl i think that you are gonna be the next big thang i always thought you and latavia were the best just keep yo head up and follow yo dreams and do yo thang have faith in the man up stairs cus you got the potential and the talent gurl keep it up from your biggest fan
Posted by: Anonymous on March 22, 2006
latoya new song is off the meter but dont she sound a little like lil mo, I did not know she could sing like that
Posted by: Anonymous on March 25, 2006
That new song is hott !! she is doing good I love Beyonce but she better watch out for Latoya
Posted by: Anonymous on March 29, 2006
I Love your song "Torn" now playing on the radio. It is so hot!! I wasn't sure who made it until the D J said your name and I instantly knew who you were. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to buy your album and hear your name mention at the 2007 Grammy awards!
Your girl Claire
Posted by: Anonymous on March 30, 2006
I think you will do great with the solo career. I always like you when you were in Destiny Child and nothing is going to change. Keep you head up and forget anybody that don't have positive things to say about you. I will support in everyway that I can.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 31, 2006
I really do love the new single torn. I think that you really did make a come back. I wish you all the luck in the future to come.I always believed in you. Tring times just makes us stronger. In the end you proved your point.Keep your head up.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 11, 2006
Latoya, I said that you would come out with an album. I'm glad to see you're continuing to follow your dreams. For the past two or three weeks, your song "TORN" has been #1 on my radio station. I love that song! I have to say it's my favorite! Keep doing ya' thang Toya! Love yoyr FAN- Tiffany Sampson
Posted by: Anonymous on April 11, 2006
I love your sound as a solo artist. "Torn" just so happens to be my favorite song and I can't wait to listen to your album. It's so funny to see your face for years then finally hear you sing. It was worth the wait. Your #1 fan
Posted by: Anonymous on April 18, 2006
I love your new song and very happy that you are coming out as solo artist and just to let you know I love beyonce but everyone has been in over shadowed by her talent that I did even know that you could sing like that when you were in destiny child you go girl.
Posted by: cecilia on April 19, 2006
Posted by: Anonymous on April 26, 2006
Posted by: Anonymous on April 27, 2006
ITS A ABOUT DARN TIME!!! I knew you were the best in the group. I love your song..Do it big..don't settle for less..
Posted by: Anonymous on May 02, 2006
Hot single "Torn". I love your voice and I believe your album will be good.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 09, 2006
You Go Girl!!!
This song "TORN" has become my favorite song and it is bangin' out my car speakers. I think you will go just as far as the rest if you focus on your music and not let anyone tell you what you can't do because you are no longer in the group.. everyone has their time to shine and now is yours.. Keep up the good work and the voice is lovely..Can't wait for the album. Speshial
Posted by: Anonymous on May 13, 2006
I think that she has the potential to be a better solo artist then beyonce. When B came out last 2 years ago she did not have any competition, she was the only female solo artist at that time. But with all the other females out there she is going to have to have to pick up her vocal skills. Plus she was still riding the whole I am a survivor thing befroe she released her album. And havin Jay-Z as your boy friend helps,plus all the guest apperacnes that were on the album. I think the latoya has a better voice plus she is fighting an upheal battle, and in the end the underdog always has the best results because he or she had to work that much harder. I hope that she blows DC out the water espacialy Beyonce. I alos think that The three ladies that they cut from the group look better than the three that are still there. So handel your business because you got some fans out here that support you, and the other girls that left.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 18, 2006
I'm rooting for you Latoya!! I know you can do this and I heard your previous album and I thought you have a superb voice. Keep up with the hard work and focus on being the best that you can be.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 20, 2006
I like letoya she really can sing. I'm kind of glad she just did not stop at Destiny Child, am glad she kept going to reach bigger and better things for her life.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 23, 2006
I Love LaToya's new song. I got a sneak peek at some of her other songs on the music channel. I never knew that she could sing because Kelly and Beyonce' always sung lead. Girl, you have a wonderful voice. Girl, keep your head up and may God continue to be with you through your career.
~Trecy~ from Memphis, TN
Posted by: Anonymous on May 26, 2006
I was shocked to hear how well she sings in the song Torn. She really has a nice voice. As much as I love Destiny's Child, it's a shame we never heard her voice on any of the previous albums. it was mainly Kelly and Beyonce'. Nevertheless, I hope Latoya continues to do her thing. She's gonna blow up even more with Beyonce competing with her. The talk is Beyonce' will drop her album this summer as an attempt to blow Latoya out of the box. All of the talk alone is going to blow LaToya's career out of the box in a very good way!! Work it out Girl!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 31, 2006
I think latoya has a very nice voice and I also believe she'll get very talented as Beyonce.I love her song Torn and I look forward to hearing more of them song's 2.Keep up the good work latoya...
Posted by: Anonymous on June 07, 2006
What! I can't belive my eyes.But that's cool. It's good because if she whants to go solo LET HER BE! It's her choice.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 08, 2006
I love the new song and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL...so just DO YOUR THING and don't even think about the past experience. Use that as energy and a stepping stone to get you exactly where God intends for you to be. It's your season and it's your time, so SHINE GIRL SHINE!!! Love ya much!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 12, 2006
Letoya's song torn was good, but I just heard Beyonce's dejavu and it was better. If Letoya wants to compete with Beyonce this summer, her next song better be even hotter than the first. It would be so nice to see an ex-member of DC come and snatch the shine right under Beyonce. It would speak alot to the power of and the determination of the underdog. Letoya's video, "Torn" was number one on 106th and Park forever, and her song is doing very well on the radio, so she has a great head start. However, B's got a whole lot of support behind her, so Letoya's got her work cut out for her is she wants to win the battle this sun. I guess, only time will tell.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 14, 2006
why does everybody think it's a competition? why can't they both sell records and perform without all the negativity? let those folks be. everyone think that it's the media that keeps stuff stirred up, but it's regular everyday people that start the conflict. we as consumers need to let the artist keep doing what they are doing and enjoy what they put out period and point blank.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 24, 2006
she can sing no matter what those haters say
Posted by: Anonymous on June 29, 2006
Didn't she get a nose job?
Posted by: Anonymous on July 11, 2006
latoya you are doing a great job keep up the good work!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 14, 2006
LaToya,I am so proud of you. When the group split, that hurt my heart because of the friendship you guys had. I hope that one day God can mend all the broken pieces and you guys can be friends again. I am proud of all of you actually.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 18, 2006
Ayo what's good. Letoya I wish u nuttin but the best I hope you sell a mill cause I love ya song "torn" its really hot. I like beyonces "dejavu" but there two totally diffrent songs so DON'T compare them letoya will do well if she works hard do ya thing ma!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 22, 2006
The new voice in music is Latoya. I believe that Beyonce is trying to hard to reinvent herself, and her music lacks substance. For example the pink panther song. Give me a break!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 06, 2006
LeToya I think that you are a great singer. I have always wanted to become a singer and i have a great voice but you inspired me to keep trying for what you love and belive in and for that i thank you.
Posted by: Robin on September 08, 2006
I'm glad you had the inspiration to venture out on your own after the ordeal with the group situation. God has blessed you with a beautiful voice and the world would have never known because you were hidden by other voices. In every situation learn from it. God Bless you.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 08, 2006
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