No more Dylan at HMV

Published: 2005-09-14
If you're looking for a copy of Blonde on Blonde you won't find it at your friendly neighbourhood HMV.

In fact you won't find anything by folk-rock legend Bob Dylan on HMV shelves. The popular music store has pulled all Dylan CD's from their shelves as a protest to Dylan's newest CD Live at the Gaslight 1962 which is being sold exclusively at Starbucks coffee shops.

HMV is protesting the exclusive retail rights that the coffee shop has had with artists such as The Rolling Stones, Elton John as well as Bob Dylan. They say that after selling millions of their previous records that these artists aren't being fair by not letting then have a chunk of their retail pie.

In June HMV stripped their shelves of everything Alanis Morissette when the Canadian rocker's acoustic re-release of her 1995 smash Jagged Little Pill was only being sold at Starbucks. The protest lasted for six weeks.

No word on how long the Dylan ban will last. So for now I guess you'll have to borrow your dad's copy of Blonde on Blonde or just buy the songs online.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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I don't think it's wrong or anything, i' would just like to know why the artists
decide to sell only at starbucks,?
Can anybody answer ? thanks, Slevan
Posted by: Anonymous on September 14, 2005
Is this harkening back to the days when musicians were nothing more than slaves to the record companies? Now they are expected to bend over and follow rules set by retailers? Why can't a musician decide who is going to sell a disc? Maybe the record companies should give HMV a real surprise... stop shipping ALL discs to HMV... and see how they like having NOTHING on their shelves!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 14, 2005
I just wrote HMV, telling them that their policy and this boycott makes them look silly. It's corporate childishness,and I do hope it backfires on them.

I'll never shop in an HMV again, until they reverse this moronic policy, and publicly apologize
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2005
l think its great, Bob Dylan has never liked the corporate world and now he is fighting back. Not that Starbucks isnt huge, but at least he is making the decision. Good on you Bob, and get lost HMV.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2005
A very silly act of cutting off your nose
to spite your face. It now means thousands of Dylanites will patronise other music shops to obtain thier coveted Dylan discs along with 2 or 3 other little gems they spy while browsing.
Who hired this HMV sales genius??
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2005
I call on Dylan fans to buycott HMV! They are here to sell music, not punish artists. Buy from small retailers and close the big boys down.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 18, 2005
surely if you are gonna give a rare album to somebody, it wouldn't be bloody starbucks! 'on the beach' sessions cd available at macdonalds next week. supersize and you get the 2-disc vesion
Posted by: Anonymous on September 18, 2005
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