Blink 182 Chooses Its Greatest Hits

Published: 2005-09-01
Even though they finally grew up with their last, self-titled album, Blink-182 will forever remain a reminder of eternal youth. Now on hiatus (a.k.a. disbanded), Blink-182 is set to release a best-of on November 1st. Simply titled Greatest Hits, the album will come with one previously unreleased track.

Ten years of Mark, Tom, Travis, and sometimes Scott (the original drummer) are featured on Greatest Hits, with 16 tracks culled from their '94 debut Cheshire Cat, 1997's Dude Ranch, their breakthrough Enema of the State, the giggle-inducing Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, their 2000 live album, and finally 2003's Blink-182.

Here's the track-listing of Blink-182's adieu, their Greatest Hits:

"What's My Age Again?"
"All the Small Things"
"Adam's Song"
"Man Overboard" (live)
"Rock Show"
"First Date"
"Stay Together for the Kids"
"Feelin' This"
"Miss You"
"Not Now" (single)
"Another Girl, Another Planet" (previously unreleasedˇOnly Ones' cover)

For those who aren't sure what the Blink boys are up to these days, drummer Travis Barker continues to tour with Tim Armstrong as the Transplants. Barker has also formed a band with vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus called Plus 44, whose debut will hit in 2006.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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wow first comment. blink rule. Grace x
Posted by: Anonymous on September 02, 2005
Ok im just telling you all now Blink 182 are definately the best band ever! Tom and Mark are hot and i was shattered when i heared they were splitting but i have been hearing that they have just been taking a break and i hope so because i cried when i thought they were going to spilt. I understand there music i listen to the words and i get what there saying in every song and if they do come back i hope they are going to have another tour because i love them soooooo much! I LOVE THEM x0x0x0x
Posted by: Anonymous on September 03, 2005
Blink 182 is the greatest band ever no question about it. I pray every night that they will reunite and drop some more great albums. I also love them and I hope they also tour again.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 04, 2005
I am in love with blink 182. They are the best band ever!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 10, 2005
this album could do a bit better i think, it needs carousel which is an amazing song, wasting time too which was on chesire cat along with M+Ms generally could be a bit longer its what blink deserver, great band best ever
Posted by: Anonymous on September 12, 2005
This band in my opinion is the best band ever. Those three people together were so great, and are one of a kind. I do hope they come back because so many people can relate to there songs and understand them. I really hope (same with all the fans) that they will come back, highly doubtful but I pray that I'm wrong. Cause they came out with Greatest hits.

Seriously what band could ever be as good as or can replace blink 182. No1.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 12, 2005
I love Blink so much and i really hope they go on tour for this album and record a live version, with the comedy, of course! come bk blink
Posted by: Anonymous on September 18, 2005
This compliation should have: Carousel, Anthem Song Pt. 2, Mutt, and possibly Dumpweed
Posted by: Anonymous on September 23, 2005
Blink-182 speaks to so many because they write for the lowest common denominator. I am elated that we won't have to hear their insipid lyrics and whiny voices. They are right up there with Britney Spears as being what's wrong with music today. I'm ashamed that they represent San Diego. At last, the aural assault is over!
Posted by: Anonymous on November 03, 2005
blink 182 sucks. the guy has a nasal voice.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 07, 2005
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