David Lockhart Does DIY on a Global Scale

Published: 2005-08-23
The most common thing aspiring artists hear has got to be that they'll never "make it." There are too many big dreamers out there, too many ultra-talented people, and no one to help you out along the way. Scottish singer David Lockhart has not only ignored those dream-crushing comments, but in fact proved them wrong.

Working from the tiny town of Halkirk, Lockhart has managed to have his voice heard all around the worldóliterally. With the help of his computer and a few home-recorded demos, the 26-year-old lyricist has contacted and received responses from industry types in London, New York, Vancouver, LA, and Sydney.

Side-stepping industry "rules" by hiring himself as his own manager (brilliant, innit?), Lockhart didn't even bother with indie labelsóhe went right for the big guns. "I started at the top major record and publishing companies with the thought [that] I'd work my way down to the independent labels and in the process harden my mind with the rejections," he explains.

However, things took a surprising turn as the likes of Sony, Warner, Universal, Jive, and EMI began to show interest. Making strong connections with big music industry players without ever leaving his house, Lockhart has since met other musicians to help flesh out the vision of his songs.

Still actively making his way to the top (hence this article), Lockhart is proof that though there might not be any helping hands along the way, big dreamers don't really need them anyway. Sharing with others his knowledge of singing, lyrics, and of course, managing yourself, Lockhart is leading the pack with technology-based DIY on a global scale.

To contact David Lockhart and perhaps pick up a few pointers if he's feeling generous, email him at davidlockhart78@yahoo.co.uk.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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Dear Editors,

My name is Angelina Robinson I am a published author from the states. I recently received a copy of Mr. Lockharts work and must say I was extremely impressed with his voice. I was even more impressed when I learned that he was out here doing this all on his own from the Highlands. His music has a deep sense of emotion and a raw sound that seems to creep into your soul. I am not one that cares to compare artists to one other however, in this case I will. I would have to say David Lockhart reminds me a lot of Jim Morrison. It is not that he sounds like Jim it is that David Lockhart processes the same magnet pull in his voice that Jim possessed in his lifetime. That pull that I am sure will be leaving millions of screaming woman clawing to get into his concerts. I am quite sure that this will not be the last time we here from this artist but in fact we should all look out for him in the future. I know I will be watching over him from my shadows.

Angelina Robinson
Posted by: Anonymous on December 10, 2005
David Lockhart has an awesome voice that I am sure will eventually peak him to superstardom. He is also a very talented songwriter and I hope to one day hear more from this new rising star.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 12, 2005
David Lockhart is amazing ~ he will be famous one day ~ mark my words!!!

Gotta Luv him!!! :-)
Posted by: Anonymous on July 18, 2006
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