Echo & The Bunnymen Tour Siberia In Winter

Published: 2005-08-19
No, not that Siberia. 'Tis also the name of the 10th studio album from Liverpool's post-punk legends Echo & The Bunnymen, and to celebrate its release, Ian McCulloch, Will Sergeant and co. will hit North American shores just as those long, chilly nights start to roll on in.

The always modest McCulloch recently declared the album a "masterpiece", while confirming that the new album marks a return to the classic Bunnymen sounds of old.

"The band we've got around us now are the closest to the old Bunnymen we've ever had", he told the NME this month. "Not that we've intentionally set out to capture the past in any way. I think I'd been trying to get away from the approach ofÖsongs (being) based on a single note, or a pulse even. But with this album I thought, let's just slide in there and see what happens. We've tried to be a little less structured in the songwriting, but not forgetting the importance of a good song. We've got the balance here, I think."

Now seems as good a time as any for the band to return given the increasing amount of bands now citing Echo & The Bunnymen as a primary influence, chief among them Echo super-fan Chris Martin of Coldplay.

The Siberia world tour, which will find the band playing across Europe and North America, currently features two Canadian dates.

November 23, Toronto, ON - The Carlu
December 2, Vancouver, BC - Richard's On Richards

Writer: Neil McDonald



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Good to know theyll NEVER STOP. More new bands should site this band as influence-meaning, we'd all benefit from more bands taking a bit from the Bunnymen. Last tour proved their Rocker status, McCulloch still out shines, out sings, out classes 99% off all newcomers, even in jeans and fairly motionless he is sexier than any newcomer I can think of. There's a great deal to be said for that. And, their sound while always distinctively Bunnymen always lusher, with a deeper palette, their growth never stunted. Lyrics get better, layers get better, Will and his dead sexy guitar delivery-by far most underrated player of our times. How can you go wrong, that Voice, that Guitar. Thank You Bunnymen for not calling it a day.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 18, 2005
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