Whitney Houston To Replace Paula Abdul on American Idol?

Published: 2005-07-13
A number of sources are reporting that American Idol's producers have asked Whitney Houston to be a judge in the show's fifth season. The 41-year-old singer, whose rumoured drug abuse and odd behaviour currently attract more attention than her music, may replace Paula Abdul if she leaves to judge Fox's new reality show, So You Think You Can Dance.

Houston rose to fame in the mid 80s with a string of successful albums and chart-topping hits. Her rendition of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" from the 1992 soundtrack of The Bodyguard is one of the largest selling singles of all time.

Other rumours suggest Mariah Carey might fill in the possible vacancy on Idol's American franchise.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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I defentially, vote for whitney houston
she might add some more flava to the show next fall and she has more experience then Mariah...ew but yeah totally like whitney.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 14, 2005
Please, not a drug addled has been pop star. Whitney Houston has turned herself into a joke. What a waste. If they let her on the show, they would not have a leg to stand on to judge any of the contestants past behavior or criminal records.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 15, 2005
i totally think whitney would be cool on american idol everyone tries to sound like her or mariah so it would be perfect to have a judge like mariah or whitney to judge they know the ropes regardless of there past problems we all are'nt perfect and whitney is just an example we are only human so go for it whitney be the best darn judge out there
Posted by: Anonymous on July 15, 2005
Whitney used to be wonderful and sweet. Presently she is not the same person we used to know. I am praying that things change for the better for them. She can be given a chance but we must be assured that she wants a chance. It is sad to see such good talent go down the drain. Pick up from where you left off sweetie, we are dying to hear from you. Please know that you are loved and cared for and that we will be ready when you are. I am rooting for and maybe she will decide to make a change and be the person she used to know. My vote is for Whitney.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 22, 2005
Whitney used to be "it" but her lifestyle has, as far as I'm concerned, has removed her from "polite company". I'm a huge Idol fan...I would probably not be if Whitney was on it. Paula is "da bomb"!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 27, 2005
Yes, I think Whitney should be given a chance to do something different.. She would be a very good judge. And to my beloved Whitney, God gave you a talent, your voice, a husband, Bobby Brown, and a lovely daughter, Bobbie.

A "wise" person learns, but a fool never learns. You, Whitney, are wise and I know it. Embrace God again and let go of all the "devils" traps and set yourself free. You will be happy and you will make all of your fans and family happy. We love you and want to hear you lovely voice again. God is able! Your fight is not yours alone, it is Gods fight. It is a spiritual fight and only God can fight that fight for you. Give him the chance. Don't let the devil have control over you and your family. Think of your daughter, Bobbie, and how she always interrupts you and say I love you when you are into your groove. God is trying to tell you something.
I know.
Posted by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005
I believe Whitney will make a great judge and add that extra spice to an already interesting show... cudos for whitney!!!! We know there want be any foul pay with the contestants, that's if Bobby has anything to say about it.LoL
Posted by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005
WHITNEY IS THE GREATEST VOICE IN THE LAND!!!! Yes she had made mistakesn but who are we too judge. If those who are criticizing were put on a big screen, they would cringe and run!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 02, 2005
Paula all the way!!!!!! there is no way anyone can replace her
Posted by: Anonymous on March 02, 2006
Paula should stay on American Idol as she is the coolest.She is a great judge and I think she is getting the blunt end of something
Posted by: Anonymous on July 28, 2008
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