Bono Takes On the G8, Paul Martin

Published: 2005-07-07
Rock star and activist Bono addressed the media at a press conference on Wednesday in Edinburgh, Scotland, to urge leaders to exceed expectations in their plan to combat global poverty. "Could we have an agreement, for instance, to take 14 or 15 countries in Africa and put people in schools?" Bono asked. "Could we deal with the fact that 3,000 Africans, mostly kids, die every day of a mosquito bite? That can be achieved in the next 48 hours, that's what we're going to be working on," he added.

Bono has repeatedly asked Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin to increase aid over the next decade to reach the goal of spending 0.7 percent of GDP on foreign aid. "He's very difficult to deal with because he won't agree to things that he doesn't believe he can deliver, although that is very frustrating and annoying and infuriating," Bono told reporters while standing beside Martin

Martin has agreed to double Canada's foreign aid by 2008-09 but would still fall short of the 0.7 per cent target. Canada currently spends the equivalent of 0.26 percent of GDP on foreign aid. "We will ultimately reach the 0.7 percent, but we're not going to do it ... until we can basically say to Canadians 'Here's how we're doing it and here's when we're going to do it and there are no caveats and conditions'," Martin said

Martin will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday and is attending a working session with the heads of some non-G8 countries and several African countries.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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Foreign aid should be considered to be a sort of "world income tax". If Canadians can afford to pay out between 16%-29% in Federal income tax (depending on your income), you'd think our governments could afford 0.7% ... heck make it a nice even 1% -- a mere pittance it seems.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 08, 2005
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