RIAA Launches Lawsuits Against Hundreds of Illegal File Sharers

Published: 2005-07-05
On behalf of the major record companies, The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recently announced a new set of copyright infringement lawsuits filed against 784 illegal file sharers. The lawsuits cite the file sharers for illegally distributing copyrighted music on the Internet using unauthorized peer-to-peer services such as KaZaa, LimeWire, Bearshare and Grokster. Recently the Supreme Court made the decision that networks such as Grokster and Streamcast could be sued for infringement acts taken in the course of marketing file sharing software.

Mitch Bainwol, chairman and CEO of the RIAA said in a recent statement, "the Supreme Court provided a real shot in the arm to legitimate online music services and unanimously injected moral clarity into this debate. If there was any doubt left, there should now be none: Individuals who download music without permission are breaking the law. Our efforts to defend the rights of record labels, musicians, songwriters and others in the music community from theft will certainly continue and likely be strengthened in the weeks and months ahead."

This historical ruling comes at a time when a majority of music listeners have admitted to downloading music for free.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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I say like I've always said when they went attacking yes I said attacking Napster and Napster had to have their people start paying for music , that the riaa and all it's glory bound hounds are leaving the tax payers of this United States with a black eye and also almost breaking the Government of it's money that is supposed to be for Sociel Security funds, but what is becoming of the money for ssi , the idiotic riaa is using it for taking people to court why because they don't like people on the internet having music with out paying for it , why because the riaa and the record companies found out that you can make a bundle of money through the internet and they want a big chunk of it for their own selfish reasons and they are using the artists and bands as scap goats to pursue their own selfish greeds!!
p2p file sharing systems isn't hurting the record sales actually it's helping them what people hear on the internet from file sharing they go to the record stores and buy the cd's or tapes.
now I really don't like that people go to movie theaters and tape movies and put them on the internet that I don't agree with but I'll be damn if I'm going to help the riaa bust people on the internet for doing something that they truly love and probably love all their life enjoying music .
Posted by: Anonymous on July 06, 2005
The Government is helping the riaa with suing p2p file sharer's and waisting money that is rightfully for the ssi, the riaa cares nothing about ssi until they grow old and grey and are in a wheelchair on an old folks home then they'll care and when they day comes there won't be any more money in the ssi for them although they will have plenty of money from the poor people of the internet, who do they think they are ?
they can't CON the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT into using our good tax money into helping them pay for their court costs and lawyers , yeah I said lawyers what you think the riaa is gonna pay out of their own pockets for these lawyers they are using in court to sue people , where do you live in the Wizard of Oz, this isn't Kansas any more wake up and smell the bankruptsy of the UNITED STATES TREASUREY FOR SSI because if the riaa doesn't stop suing people that is exactly what is going to happen, some innocent people who were on ssi are being kicked off and forced to learn other means of living because they can't afford to have too many people on ssi right now because of the friggin riaa and their lawsuits, if the riaa isn't goating the government into using our tax money which is supposed to be for ssi then prove it put a document on the internet that they are trying to run .
I don't wanna see any word pad or notepad saying they aren't I wanna see actual proof that the riaa doesn't have the Government using ssi money for their expenses in court costs when suing a person on the internet, ha which is sometimes 12 year old kids, they can't get students so they go after your children to sue and make up for it!!!!!!!
so prove me wrong riaa show a document that states your using your own pocket money for court costs and lawyer fees and not the governments money for taxes and ssi .
I DARE YOU !!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 06, 2005
you can take all the p2p file sharing systems you want but once you pull one off of the internet another comes along and so on and so on and so on ,
you can't get rid of something that is bigger than you and the internt p2p file sharing systems are bigger than you the more you take away the more comes right back , take 2 away 3 comes along take 3 away more and more comes along, nothing will stop p2p file sharing it will be here long after the members of your staff are old and grey and buried .
just like the rest of technology , first there was phonographs them record players , then cassette players, then cd players , and then there was vhs recorders and then came dvd players and so on and so on and so on , progress of technology will never go away !!!
pretty soon regular radio will be gone and satelite radio will be the future!!!
there is no stopping progress , oh you may get hackers to put viruses on peoples computers through the music or bomb bregade somebody's house and take their computers and their kids for using them but it won't matter because at the end of this war your having p2p file sharing systems will still be around ,
lol unless you have the Government take away the internet, but that's never in a million years going to happen, you'd be dreaming then !!
well wake up time to smell reality!!!!!
future is p2p file sharing .
weather you like it or don't it is reality and it's not going any where !!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 06, 2005
p2p file sharing will not go away like other ppl say just face it!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 06, 2005
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