American Idol Carrie Underwood Hits Number One

Published: 2005-06-24
Carrie Underwood, winner of the fourth American Idol contest, has hit number one with her debut single, "Inside Your Heaven." Along with debuting in the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, the song also debuted at number one on the Pop 100, ending Gwen Stefani's reign after eight weeks on top for her song "Hollaback Girl." Underwood is the first solo country music artist ever to debut at number one on the Hot 100 and the first country act since Lonestar did it in 2000 with their song "Amazed."

Underwood joins second season American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken and third-season winner Fantasia as the only artists to debut in the top spot since a 1998 policy change allowing airplay-only tracks on the charts. Written by songwriter Desmond Child, "Inside Your Heaven" was first performed during the final week of competition on American Idol. The song now ranks as the best selling song of 2005 so far with sales of nearly 170,000.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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I cry everytime i hear that song done by Carrie. My friend Harry had died in 2003 around christmas time and it hit me hard, two days after he died i thought about him and this was before i knew. I was trying to figure out ways to tell him that i was sorry for turning him away when he asked me for help, i wanted to also tell him that i loved him and then that same day i opened up the paper and there sat his obituary. I cried with that thought that i could've have helped him. When i hear Carrie's song i think of Harry and i cry and dedicate it to him. I was voting for carrie since she auditioned and i will see her at the american idol concert in september and scream in joy for her. Congrats Carrie.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 24, 2005
Way to go, Carrie!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 25, 2005
oh yeah!!! great!!! go girl i know you can make it!!! dont worry as long your album will release here in the philippines i will buy 10 copies promise!!! i love you carrie stay who you are..
Posted by: Anonymous on June 26, 2005
I Absolutly love Carrie Underwood shes like soo great she sings soo good and i love hearing her sing shes amazing !* from the first time i heard her sing on american idol i just knew she was going to be a great assett for the show because shes a southern country girl and shes just a wonderful and beautiful singer and girl !*...Go GetumMm CARRIE !
Posted by: Anonymous on June 26, 2005
in the words of tina turner, carrie is simply the best!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 28, 2005
Absolutley love Carrie Underwood! :D She has the most amazing voice, and I knew from the very beginning of American Idol that she was going to win it! She is going to have a very very long and sucessful career infront of her! :D
Stick to your country roots Carrie! You are great at what you do! Follow your dreams and never ever change!
Lots of love xxx
Posted by: Anonymous on June 28, 2005
I think Carrie is just the bomb! her voice is so pure and rich. The think i like most about her is her simplicity. go girl we are with u all the way!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 28, 2005
95 triple x radio station in Burlington, VT will not play Carrie's new single. They said this is because this is sold as a country song, and they do not play country.

PS..most of the DJ's liked Bo throught the competition.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 28, 2005
i think that carrie is the bomb and she is the best singer american idol has ever had
Posted by: Anonymous on June 29, 2005
Great and beautiful talent. Remember whose you are and to whom you belong and sing for His glory and that talent will last thru eternity.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 29, 2005
Carrie you are one treffic young lady. The voting was too difficult for me, so I did not vote as I also thought Bo was just as treffic, and in my heart I knew you would win with out my vote.
I wish you both the very best, that life has to offer, and please do not ever change as I love you just the way you are, and so many great singers change after they become a star.
Just always remember, "you were voted best, because of who you are today, NOT tomorrow"

Love you and will look forward to hearing your great songs.

Posted by: Myrt on July 23, 2005
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