Canadian Live 8 Line Up Criticized

Published: 2005-06-23
Concert promoter Michael Cohl fought back yesterday against critics who say the lineup for the Canadian edition of Live 8 in Barrie, Ontario, is full of musical has-beens. "These are our best artists. It's not all of them, but it's sure a substantial portion of them," Cohl said of the bill for the July 2nd event, which includes artists such as Our Lady Peace, Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane, and Blue Rodeo

Harsh criticism of the event has come from the public and many newspaper personalities, who cite the other Live 8 concerts (taking place the same day in Berlin, Tokyo, Rome, London, Philadelphia, Johannesburg, and Paris) as high quality events that feature such giants of the music industry as U2, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, and Madonna.

Two or three slots remain on the bill for the Canadian Live 8 concert, part of a worldwide event to pressure G8 leaders to address Third World debt, aid, and trade issues. Rumours are swirling that Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan, in Toronto that day playing another show, and 50 Cent, in the city on a movie shoot, may join the bill.

Cohl, who also represents the Rolling Stones, recently quashed suggestions that band might play the event. "I never asked them to play this show," he said. "If they were playing, they'd be playing in London. They belong in London."

Writer: Trent McMartin



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Why is this being held in Barrie? Nobody has ever heard of Barrie and futhermore, the few that have heard of Barrie would like to forget about it.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 23, 2005
I'm sorry, but the likes of Our Lady Peace, Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane and Blue Rodeo.......Please! They are has beens, I suggest you get the Canadian Idol castoffs instead! Michael Cohl may have to find out the hard way that all the free tickets where snapped up on the Iternet but that does not mean those folks are going to show up. Mr Geldof has no right or authority to dictate to this country, our government or any other nation what they should or shouldn't do. Instead, he needs to lay off whatever is making him look so "tired" and get a life.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 23, 2005
Stomping Tom!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 23, 2005
Mr. Geldof.....we are blowing enough of our hard made earnings overseas.
We need it here. Charity begins at home.
Barrie? 35,000 - Toronto upwards of 100,000
You must be crazy. Have your artists put in a few million, they can afford it.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 23, 2005
Well, it seems we have has beens playing our live aid concert here in Canada but aren't Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, and Madonna washed up has beens as well? Higher profile has beens but has beens none the less!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 23, 2005
There is no way you should be dissing barrie. Barrie is a good town. WE dont have gangs. dont be hating on barrie just cause you've been working in toronto. Its Canada man. Like the other countries get everything. NOTICE THAT. Most of the people playing here are canadian? ugh..duh? yeah So that makes sense why its not so big. If you have an a problem with it, dont come.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 24, 2005
You guys making comments make no sense. "...we are blowing enough of our hard made earnings overseas." go live in Somolia for a week bud, then you can tell me what hardmade earnings really are.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 25, 2005
this is for a good cause does it matter who plays at live 8 canada they are all good bands stop your cying or just dont go. i know i will enjoy it!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 25, 2005
I happen to like Our Lady Peace, Bryan Adams and Tom Cochrane so i don't know why every body is complaining! It's a good reason for these "has-beens" to get back together!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 26, 2005
I heard Jet was coming so that's a little better. Hopefully Neil Young, Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, and Rush play. Those performers would help to improve the line up even though I'm not a fan of a few of them but they're still big stars.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 27, 2005
To criticize the CDn lineup and say Mr. Geldof is "dictating" is a little overboard.

Remeber, this is for AWARENESS, not the music. You want the best there is as far as musicians, but to say Bob Geldolf is "dictating", thats just sick.

Good for him, on organizing this event. I doubt the Cdn. Gov would have organized it.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 30, 2005
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