Spice Girls Live 8 Reunion Officially Off

Published: 2005-06-10
Live 8 organizer Sir Bob Geldof has put to rest rumours of a Spice Girls reunion taking place at one of the Live 8 concerts next month. Geldof confirmed this week that the Spice Girls will not perform, because they have lost their huge fan base.

"I can't afford to have bands who won't pull the crowds," he explained. "This is a political event, not a cultural one. If I get people who are currently selling 15 million albums, then there's an audience of at least 15 million people for the concert. It's a question of who is popular right now; that's the way it is."

The members of the Spice Girls are currently planning a hits album and a new single written by songwriter Richard Stannard, who wrote their debut chart-topper, "Wannabe." A performance at one of the Live 8 shows, taking place July 2nd in Berlin, London, Paris, Philadelphia, and Rome to lobby Western governments for economic relief for developing countries, would have been the first time all five members of the group performed together since 1998.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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Geldof allegedly said this last Saturday, what you don't know is he spoke to Geri on the Sunday about Live 8 and said on the Monday on national tv that they are working hard to make it happen.

Mel C also said on Italian national tv yesterday that they are still hopeful and still in talks.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 10, 2005
I think Bob Geldoff would pull off a major coupe if he had the Spice Girls at teh show mainly because the old fans would come out to see them as a reunited unit. I don't think it's appropriate for him to decide what fan base they have. I am a 41-year old african american male and have always been a Spice Girls fan from the onset.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 11, 2005
Spice Girls have to perform.The whole event would just be so spicy and phenomenal. They're responsible for the current wave of teeny bop music and it's still on fire. I totally disagree with Bod Geldof. He's making a huge mistake.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 13, 2005
they should perform.. fanbase is lost? proove it then!! the fans are just waiting.. if the time comes they'll just come out with a BANG!!! its a lost opportunity for LIVE * then...
Posted by: Anonymous on June 13, 2005
I totaly diagree with Geldof. He is so full of himself. It has been to long of a long awiated wait if the spice girls would finally would return to their fans.
Geldof says he is not putting the spice girls on the list becuase he thinks that they have lost their fan base. No they haven't Geldof!!!! We the fans have waited alonf time for this reunion to happen. I have only seem them once in 98'.
Seeing all of them performe together since they broke up in 2001; would make history in the music biz.Let them perform!
They have been gone to long.And hearing the news of a possible reunion. Shouldn't be possible it should REALLY HAPPEN. For their loyal fans out there who agree with me. Bring The Spice Girls BACK!!!! Without hesitation BRING THEM BACK!!!
A spice Girl FAN!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 14, 2005
SPICE GIRLS deserve to perform in the event.
Who on earth is this Bob Geldoff guy? I don't even know his existence until this controversy arose. Spice Girls is certainly way MORE POPULAR than he is.
It's the event committee's loss that Spice Girls are off their list because Spice Girls will definitely attract millions of screaming fans who've been supporting them since 1996!!!

Posted by: Anonymous on June 14, 2005
bring them back again at live 8,coz its been so long ive been waiting,to the group back together,and sing again with ginger spice(geri halliwell).so bring them back!! spice rules! girl power!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 14, 2005
I think they should have the right to play. Melanie c said she would do it as it was for charity. And if you ask 15 million people who they would have heard of and would rather listen to. it would definatly be the spice girls cause i hadn't heard of bob geldof till last month let alone any song's he may have sang. they were the best thing 9 years ago and they would be again pulling in more crowds than anyone. So I say Give them chance as they wanna do it for charity and not the money for themselves.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 15, 2005
He is making a mistake cause that would be an ivent like no othet if Spice Girls re unite for this!I mean,that is in talks in all the press since Geri left,it would be A NEWS if they'd perform!I personally think they have a fan base and i remember when the Uk public was asked who should be the ones to sing on Do They Know It's Christmas 05 UK public mostly said The Spice Girls!Top Of The Pops reported,i have a video file of it
Posted by: Anonymous on June 17, 2005
O.k there's no doubt that they shhould not get back together . Spice Girls Rule ! I love those gals . I'm 14 years old and they have been my idols since I was 6 years old . Now I want to be just like them . They have been awsome roll models and they show a great example of girl power . When I heard that they broke I was devistated and I felt that I had no hero any more . Please Bring them Back together .
Posted by: Anonymous on June 18, 2005
The Spice Girls should really really REALLY perform on the said event!!!!!! They are still spicy as they've always been and probably even spicier! This Mr. Geldof guy here is making the biggest mistake of his entire life! The girls will surely contribute a lot on this charity. As for their fans, well, I'm 1,000,000,000% sure that they're just here and always been here for them and would've love to see them perform again!I love you, SPICE GIRLS!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 19, 2005
I also disagree with Geldof!!! How would he know if the Spice Girls didn't have as much fans as they used to!?!? I still love them and their music! They we're the BEST all girl band EVER!! It shouldn't have been up to him if they could perform or not! A lot of us would have liked to see that! I'm not sure about the others, but I know that Emma has an album coming out or is already out. But I loved them all together as a band! That would have been awsome if he would have let them perform!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 14, 2005
Spice Girls are fabluouse I love them so much it would be great for them come back together including Geri It would make a big fan ever I am there fan since when they first come out i am 23 years old still love them and they are the BEST BAND EVER!! PLEASE COME BACK!
Posted by: Anonymous on November 16, 2005
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