Beck, Eels Contribute to Compilation for Autism

Published: 2005-06-07
Putting their collective musical powers together on one record, the likes of Beck, Eels, and the Apples in Stereo will do their part to help find a cure for autism. Being released on August 23rd by Eenie Meenie Records, Dimension Mix features an eclectic mix of musicians playing over an hour of covers and remixes of cutting-edge children's songs by electronic artists Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson.

All of the proceeds from Dimension Mix will go to Cure Autism Now. The organization is dedicated to finding a cure to autism, a neurological disorder affecting both children and adults.

To learn more about both autism and the Dimension Mix compilation, go to

The 18 tracks of Dimension Mix look like this:

Beck - "Funky Lil' Song"
Stereolab - "Mudra"
Fantastic Plastic Machine - "I'm Bruce" (Dimension 5 Mega Mix)
The Apples in Stereo - "Liza Jane"
Money Mark - "Spiders"
Tipsy - "Popcorn"
Eels - "Jelly Dancers"
Brother Cleve - "School 4 Robots"
Oranger - "Catfish"
Anubian Lights - "Walking Eagle"
DJ Me DJ You - "Soul Transportation"
Irving - "Army Ants in Your Pants"
From Bubblegum to Sky - "Abracadabra"
Chris Kachulis - "Listen"
Geoffrey Owen & Mary Christopher - "African Lullaby"
Blue-Eyed Son - "Upside Down"
The Stones Throw Singers - "Rain of Earth"
Danielson Famile - "Nothing to Do"

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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This move is nothing more than a publicity stunt lining the pockets of a highly corrupt organisation.

I have a form of autism. What I and others like me need is to have our talents recognised and to make a positive contribution to society - not to be patronised, seen as a lost cause and LEAST OF ALL CURED!

If you genuinely care about helping disadvantaged people then do not BLINDLY throw your money at organisations which specialise in MARKETING themselves through your sympathy.

I will certainly not be buying any of this music and neither should you.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 12, 2005
with all due respect for your feelings and your personal situation, I would like to think that these artists had their hearts in the right place when they were recording Bruce Haack's songs, and that this collection is celebrating the beauty of music and community. perhaps we can all be a little more compassionate towards each other's efforts. best of luck in pursuit of your hopes and dreams.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 18, 2005
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