Ottawa to host Live 8 concert

Published: 2005-06-03
On July 2, Ottawa will be hosting a Live 8 concert, and sources say that it will likely be held on Parliament Hill. Acts that are rumoured to be involved in the production are Bryan Adams, The Barenaked Ladies, Jann Arden, and Our Lady Peace.

Bob Geldof, founder of Live 8, has aimed the concerts to focus the world's attention on poverty in Africa. The concerts that have been announced in Ottawa, London, Paris, Berlin, Philadelphia, and Rome will take place mere days before G8 leaders meet in Britain to discuss supporting Africa through their crisis.

Unlike most concerts with celebrated acts, the concerts are free to the public and will not be fundraising. The concerts send a message from the world's wealthiest countries right back to themselves; we must help each other survive on the planet.

Writer: Soul Shine Staff



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Hi, I think Bob Geldorf's idea is great, but what I am waiting for, still waiting for, is for someone who will take up the cause of helping to raise awareness, of how the musicians, bands, and creative artists of all kinds, in all media, continue to help promote the products that have killed, are killing, & will kill, our loved ones in the future.

George Harrison died a while back. I noticed Paul McCartney is one of band members who will be playing at Live 8 Concert. George Harrison died, too young, of Lung Cancer.

The poetic, tragic irony of singers dying of smoking (not marijuana!), especially when they die of throat cancer, which literally means their voice box they used to create such beautiful music, is surgically removed, is that their voice is forever silenced.

The tobacco industry deliberately targets the poor, in particular, as young kids & teens. They know they will have a cash cow for many years, who will be so addicted to this legal "crack", that German POW's in WWII, for ex., actually traded their meager ration of bread, for the cigarette they so craved. Putting real meaning to the phrase, "Dying for a Smoke".

When the Soviet Union was collapsing, & store shelves became empty of cartons of butts, the American tobacco companies actually airlifted millions of cartons of smokes, because their was real fear of riots, by nicotine "fiends" suddenly deprived of their "fix".

I think it is ironic that the US Gov't outlaws marijuana, even for medical reasons, & points a sanctimonious finger at Canadar for having more sane laws, when the US Gov't. totally is complicit in continuing to spread this "childhood disease" of tobacco addiction, to yet more generations of kids both in the U.S. & other countries --- many of them 3rd world.

Anyway, the point is that music industry, & movie, TV industry, some but not all, continue to promote smoking, in Music Videos for ex. & singers like Madonna have accepted big $$$$ from tobacco to be "celebrity smokers".

Isn't it time to stop Big Tobacco, from using the Music World to spread their message?
Posted by: Linda on June 09, 2005
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