Return of the Stone Roses?

Published: 2005-05-25
Rumours are flying about a possible reunion in the works for Stone Roses, known as one of the greatest one-album bands out there. Really all that's happened so far is that ex-Roses guitarist John Squire has declared to Time Out magazine that he plans to "put the Roses back together."

This is rather confusing, as earlier this year Squire threw a verbal punch at Stone Roses vocalist Ian Brown, calling him "a tuneless knob," among other things. Of course, Brown returned the compliment with a few choice words of his own.

Both Brown and Squire took on solo work after the Stone Roses disbanded in 1996, and both have recently put Roses material back into their stage shows. Mani, the other original member of the Roses Squire is out to recruit for a reunion, joined Primal Scream following the Roses' demise.

It seems fairly unlikely, but perhaps with Squire's outstretched hands (and a fan petition at, the world just might see the return of the Stone Roses of yore.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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if the roses reform then it will definitly be without "reni" the roses will never be the roses that once made tunes like "fools gold".The beat,that made fools gold was reni.The other band members no that that tune is "The Roses".They could never play that tune live.RENI will not be included in the possible reform.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 26, 2005
reni??? are you daft? i worked on a radiohead video, for one of the different versions of high and dry, and spoke to thom yorke about music for nearly and hour and a half...what he told me blew my mind. he stated that reni could not play that beat in multiple takes so john leckie had to loop the beat together to get that sound we know and love. for anyone reading this, john leckie produced the bends as well as the stone roses debut album. as far as playing that tune live, they have and they will...again. the stone roses were/are four extremely talented musicians, not one. fool's gold shouldn't be the song they are remembered for, they have an overabundance of great and rich material. sorry to be so rude, unpleasant but that would be like saying the rolling stones are mick jagger and mick jagger, alone.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 27, 2005
How does one get tickets To see any former member of the stone roses?

Hey, Ian, what happens if John Squire or another member dies. What then!!The Beatles couldn't re unite remember!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 21, 2006
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