Jim Morrison the Cowboy?

Published: 2005-05-24
Rollingstone.com reports that photographer Gerald Pitts claims to have found former Doors singer Jim Morrison in rural Oregon raising horses for the rodeo. Pitts says that Morrison faked his own death in order to avoid being bumped off by the French government.

Pitts, who makes a living reporting on the rodeo circuit, says Morrison has surfaced now to promote a rodeo movie he's been working on. Many dismiss the photographer's claim as a dim-witted promotional tactic to exploit the celebrity of the dead rock star.

Jim Morrison died in 1971 of an apparent heart attack at the home he and girlfriend Pamela Courson were sharing in Paris, France. The Doors' hits include "Light my Fire," "Hello, I Love You," "Touch Me," and "L.A. Woman."

Writer: Trent McMartin



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I heard Geral Pitts on the radio tonight. This is a pretty crazy story, and I'm not one to believe this sort of stuff very easliy, but... who knows? He could be alive, could be dead. I wonder why on earth he would devulge his true identity to anyone now? That's pretty crazy! I am an Oregon resident, where Gearld Pitts claims he saw Jim, so who knows, maybe I will run into him at my local grocery store or gas station? (yeah right) I guess we will have to wait and see this movie that "Jim" is acting in, if I choose to see it at all, because this sounds like one big publicity stunt to me. Gerald will get a lot more people to watch his movie now that he claims Jim Morrison is the lead actor in it, now won't he? Hmmm....
Posted by: Anonymous on May 31, 2005
This is obvoiusly a false claim! I am one of the many people, including Manzeruk, who still think Jim Morrison is still alvie. But in saying that, Morrison would never live on some ranch caring for horses. I believe Morrison is in Africa hiding under an alias and writng poetry. I know that Morrison would never live in some hick town, even it was really Jim Morrison, he would never had revealed himself.
Posted by: Zengirl on May 31, 2005
If this story is so called "true" then why would he be in america, and how would he have gotten threw the airlines without being seen, also i belive that he lives in the islands south of india as the book " a poet in exhile" explains that The Lizard King is living down there and someone has visited him..... alll in all its a load of crap that he would be a cowboy
Posted by: Anonymous on May 31, 2005
if he faked his deathe he would have his name changed, and therefore not be signing his name jim morrison on legal doc's because jim morrison wouldnt be his legal name now. this guy from oregon is nuts.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 01, 2005
This is the end...my only friend. That means this guys career is in the crapper quicker then Jimbo could down a liter of Vodka! Would his bad behavior just stop or is it possible after a liter he might have been arrested somewhere, where he sure would of been exposed! Jim being Sober is a better trick then disappearing.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 01, 2005
Jim Morrison is alive!! It's true and in the next town over from where Jim Morrison is living, Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa are sharing a duplex. Mr. Morrison is raising horses but Mr. Presley and Mr. Hoffa have opened a Krispy Kreme franchise. Presley cooks the donuts and Hoffa does the bookkeeping and runs a little numbers racket out of the back room. If this story turns out to be true, I'll eat my shoe. See, I'm a poet just like Jim Morrison.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 03, 2005
Posted by: Anonymous on August 03, 2005
I live in Southern Oregon and ever since 1998 have heard that Mr. Morrison was living here, long before the talk of movies. Several people that I am acquanted with over the years have claimed to have accidently come upon his secluded home while hiking, met and talked with him, and come away convinced he is the real thing. Some of them are old time die-hard Doors fans. I reserve my judgement. There are ways to prove identity. When necessary, the truth comes out, one way or the other. If he is the real Jim Morrison of the Doors, then I wish him luck in his new venture and life style and hope everyone will let him get beyond the old legend and start a new one.
Posted by: Anonymous on August 10, 2005
hi, im nick from nyc if this story is real, why not come to an end and really make all the fans and the world know that our old friend jim is alive and well and still drinking the good wine dying on the vine, i think its a bunch of crap, and who knows lets ask Gerald if Elvis still around .... Gerald stop spreding rumors let the dead rest.....
Posted by: Anonymous on November 09, 2005
i've been listenin' to the doors music since 1984 and i can surely proove that i am a doors fan since then.my oppinion is that jim is still alive but i wonder why didnt reveal him self earlier.why did he choose that time of his life to come back to action.
vaios greece
Posted by: Anonymous on July 17, 2006
let's see some proof. as if such a claim hasnt made glodal news..
Posted by: Anonymous on September 06, 2006
I am the real Jim Morrison. I am writing to you from the other side. Get over it man, move on and let the past reside in the past.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 05, 2007
People, The article doesn't say Jim Morrison is alive just that Gerald Pitts claims to have found him. If you read on it says, "Jim Morrison died in 1971 of an apparent heart attack at the home he and girlfriend Pamela Courson were sharing in Paris, France." He's dead. Somebody with that much ego wouldn't retire.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 09, 2007
if you watch the vidio closley you can see big foot in the backround as well. ;)
Posted by: Anonymous on July 15, 2007
There are moles missing on the face of the 'revived' Jim Morrison - left cheek beside nose & Left cheek bone. "Durrr. Ain't got no makeup! Shucks".
Posted by: Anonymous on July 23, 2007
im not the one to believe all this but on the rodeo west website where jim morrison is raise horses or whatever theres a video and ray manerak says that jim is living in oregon and why would he lie about it
Posted by: Anonymous on November 29, 2008
why dosent some one take the real morrison finger prints from when he was arrested an this guy claiming to be jim an compare them ? signed back door man
Posted by: Anonymous on June 27, 2009
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