Country Star Kenny Chesney Weds Actress Renee Zellweger

Published: 2005-05-13
Country singer Kenny Chesney married Hollywood actress RenČe Zellweger this week at a private ceremony held in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Around forty-five family members and close friends attended the wedding.

This is the first marriage for both Chesney and Zellweger, who many didn't even know were together. The two met at a Concert of Hope tsunami relief benefit in January. Zellweger has been previously linked to actor Jim Carey and musician Jack White of the White Stripes.

Zellweger can be seen in the upcoming boxing drama Cinderella Man, in which she stars in with Russell Crowe. Chesney currently has two top ten albums in Billboard's country chart.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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i think its cute that kenny chesney and renee zellweger got married.they did a good job on keeping their relationship hidden from the world.they make a wonderful couple.hopefully they will be able to be happy together for the rest of their lives.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 13, 2005
I adore Kenny and Renee is an excellent actor.My Opinion is they make a great couple and wish them all the Happiness in the world..Good Luck.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 13, 2005
Oh my gosh! I can't believe this! I am really happy for kenny and renee but why did kenny keep this from his fans? We love this guy dearly. Doesn't he understand how much we care about him. I am kinda hurt he kept this from us (HIS FANS). I know he lives a very private life but i also believe his fans deserve a little more respect. It is like he didn't care how it would effect us all. After all if it wasn't for his fans he wouldn't be where he is now...I love you kenny. Your music does so much for me in daily life but WHY NOT TELL US? WHY SHOCK US IN THAT WAY? That is what we all are wondering i am sure.....God Bless your marriage. I really wish you the best!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
Wow!!! what else is there to say that hasn't been said already. I mean he's hott and she's hott i just wanna see what the kid's are going to look like. He has lost one too many loves in his life and she....well i am not sure but she better not hurt him. Divore would suck and i hope she takes his last nmae.. Rene Chesney.. kinda cute huh!...
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
They've only know each other for four months,he's packed with tour dates and she's promoting her movie,wheres the love and romance? Honeymoon over already?
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
I think they make a great couple! I wish them well. I love the fact that they had such a small wedding, for being as famous as they are, they just kept it simple. Congratulations guys!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
Congratulations On your recent Marriage and God Bless you Both!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
I really don't understand why anyone cares. They are talented performers, who got married. Big woop de doo My marriage won't cause such a stir, and I am very happy about that. I wish them well in their new life together I,m sure that the details will be shoved down our throats.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
Is Chesney bald I've never seen him without a hat
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
Well I was shocked when I heard on the radio that they were married. I love Kenny so much and anything or anyone that makes him happy has to be a great person. I wish you both the best in the future. God Bless you and your marriage!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 16, 2005
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I think it's wonderful Kenny has found someone. I have seen Renee in several films. At least one good thing happen from the concert held in January. Kenny and Renee getting married. I hope they have kids soon and live together for the rest of their lifes. Kenny I'm happy you and Renee keep it a serect. You are a SUPER singer and we love to see you but when it comes to your personal life you need to keep it personal... Good Luck to you both and hope nothing but happiness in all the day coming...
Posted by: Anonymous on May 16, 2005
I say congratulations to them both and what does it matter if Kenny is bald or not. I have seen him 6 or 7 times, when he wasn't as popular and when he was. In jax. fla. when she walked on stage to give a drink, I was there. anyway he is beautiful inside out, he cares about his work and he cares about his fans, his aura is very warm and sincere and he is a truly beautiful person you can see that in his eyes not his hair!! To bad we are all caught up in that. I wish you and renee both all the luck in the world.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 16, 2005
Congratulations! I'm very happy for you and excited, and I love you so much - I'm glad you have someone to make you happy. I'm great now, but there was a time in my life when I was ready to let go and put any end to all my misery and it was your song that changed my mind, changed my heart, and changed my life! Renee is adorable and you are so handsome, you're a gorgeous couple, stay safe and be happy!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 17, 2005
Any wedding pictures for us to see?

Posted by: Winnie on May 18, 2005
i believe in love at first sight because it happened to me and its been 9 years here is a piece of advice for the young couple stand by each other and remember u are both entertainers and there will always be people throwing themselves at each of u give each other the room u need to grow and the freedom to do what u do best your careers will keep testing your trust but if u truly love eachother and you are destine to be soulmates than the foundation u stand on will never break renee always remember that kenny is a true romantic don't ever take that from him and kenny always remember that renee is in the spotlight too and u will both have to trust each other please don't break kenny's heart to be devastated again could be the worst thing to happen again stand and watch kenny preform and watch the women be dazzled by him but always remember on stage he is the preformer off stage he is your husband please respect that may u both be always very happy congrats from kenny's biggest fan bonnie.
Posted by: Bonnie on May 25, 2005
Posted by: Anonymous on May 29, 2005
i m so happy for kenny n renee
Posted by: Anonymous on July 27, 2005
I also heard that Kenny & Renne got a divorce about a week or two weeks ago. Not so sure if thats true. Kenny has a long way to go for his career. Hope he really finds someone special that he really loves in his life. Good luck to you Babe!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 27, 2005
I think Kenny and renne didnt belong together. Kenny chesney is a great guy and renne has been with probably millions of guys cuz thats the way she is. Kenny good luck with a diffrent girl. I hope you find someone that loves you and you love her. Cuz your a great guy and you deserve a great woman. I hope you keep going with your career its booming write now. I have all your cd's you have ever made and im only 12.GOOD LUCK 2 you
Posted by: Anonymous on December 24, 2005
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