Linkin Park Leaving Warner Music Group

Published: 2005-05-03
Rap-rock act Linkin Park is asking their record company of five years, Warner Music Group, to release them from their contract. Linkin Park claims the new IPO started by the new ownership group of Warner will only make investors rich and not artists.

The band accuses the company that none of the profit Warner stands to make will reach the artists making it impossible for Warner to promote the band's next album. Other artists under WMG include REM, Madonna, Alanis Morissette, Tom Petty, and Eric Clapton.

In a recent New York Times article, industry attorney Peter Paterno explained that the head executives at WMG are seeing this as only a pay off for investors and don't care about the employees or the artists.

Currently Linkin Park is working on their next album due out some time in 2006.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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What are you guys thinking! me and my friends like love your music. i mean we practically live 4 u guys. ahhh my life is over well i geuss all i can say is so long hotties
Posted by: Anonymous on June 09, 2005
I wil still love you, wherever you guys are...!
LinkinPark...! You rock my life!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 06, 2005
man..LINKIN PARK KICK ASS!! they are a huge part of my lyfe...I just can't get enuff of them..rock on and screw it ur own way!:)
Posted by: Anonymous on July 23, 2005
my name is pelin i love chaz so much and then i wanna see you and your group can you come in to turkey? please come here your fans are very much here please i begging you come here and give a concert we wanna see you, i like your music
Posted by: Anonymous on August 16, 2005
Please get the band back together!!!! if u come out w/ a new album as a group, i swear i WILL buy it!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 01, 2005
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