Paris Hilton Gets a Hand from Le Tigre

Published: 2005-04-28
Word on the street has it that feminist punk band Le Tigre are working away on a song for Paris Hilton's long-delayed musical debut. Exactly how collaborative the resulting song actually is remains to be seen, but the American trio will reportedly receive both co-writing and producing credits for their work on Hilton's album (once rumoured to be titled Paris Is Burning).

Known for their highly political and feminist stance, it wouldn't be surprising if Le Tigre felt a backlash by working with the notoriously fun-loving hotel heiress. Then again, Hilton could just gain tons of cred for working with the musically respected rockers. Others who are reportedly contributing to Hilton's debut album include the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, JC Chasez, and Lil John (on a track called uh, "That's Hot").

Not only do they share their songwriting talents with others, but Le Tigre keep a few of their gems for themselves. The band's latest collection of songs came in the form of This Island, put on shelves back in October 2004, and hailed as their most accessible album to date. Currently Le Tigre is touring up a storm in the UK; go to for a full list of tour dates.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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I hope this isn't true.I have so much respect of le tigre and I don't have any for paris....
Posted by: Anonymous on August 20, 2005
This is quite sad and if true I will diffenetly lose quite a bit respect for Le Tigre and Kathleen Hanna.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 24, 2005
Honestly Paris Hilton has no talent besides the talent of spening cash undeserved and wearing gaudy clothing, oh yes and being photographed 24-7, her album is going to suck!
Posted by: Anonymous on November 04, 2005
great, another reason to be jealous of Paris Hilton
Posted by: parrie on November 08, 2005
I just do not understand what is going on with Le Tigre and Kathleen Hanna, signing on a major, selling a song for a publicity made me sick when I learned it, but I can accept that.... but really.... collaborating with Paris Hilton, am I wrong or Le Tigre are supposed to be a feminist, political band with opinions... which Paris Hilton is totally not!! I mean, Paris Hilton is just what Le Tigre are denouncing.... if this is true, I will not burn me Le Tigre and Bikini Kill records, but I will lose the respect I have for bands that had so much influence on me
Posted by: Anonymous on November 09, 2005
I didn't think it would be true because crazy rumours about celebrities in the media start all the time. And you can all breathe a sigh of relief it's not! According to Kathleen Hanna herself she said about the Paris Hilton collaboration thingy: žThey are totally false. I have no idea how that got started, but weŪre not working with her.Ó
The article is at
Posted by: Anonymous on November 22, 2005
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