Blink 182 on Busy 'Hiatus'

Published: 2005-04-19
Despite the success of their last album and tour, Blink 182 has decided to go on hiatus. Though earlier reports told of the band's permanent dissolution, the boys are so far only calling it a "break."

Drummer Travis Barker declared on that Blink 182 is over for now and that he is concentrating on other projects for the time being.

Barker is currently working on his new MTV reality series, Meet the Barkers, which focuses on his family life. Barker has also formed an electronic duo called Plus 44 with Blink bassist and singer Mark Hoppus. The band is currently recording its debut release.

As well, Barker continues to work with another group, The Transplants, which he formed a few years back with Rancid's Tim Armstrong. The outfit is to release its sophomore album this May and has a slot on this year's Warped Tour.

Blink 182 formed in the early 1990s and hit it big with their 1999 album, Enema of the State. Blink members are no strangers to side projects, Barker and guitarist Tom DeLonge having teamed up a few years ago to form Boxcar Racer. What DeLonge is working on now remains a mystery.

Writer: Trent McMartin



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kool?! HUH! RoCk oN!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 20, 2005
Blink-182 is over, for now, right? They can still come back. Well whut ever they can still come back and be the best band in the world. I wonder what Thomas is doing. He has been really mysterious. he didn't even come to "Mrs. Barker's" b-day party.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 21, 2005
Even if they are over they have given us fans some great music so they will always live on with that
Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2005
My friend told me Tom and Travis got into a fight and Mark walked out on them, but, as usual, leave it to the media to start rumors. I'm hoping they get back together soon! I love Tom, wonder what he's doing...anyway I thought it was strange that he didn't come to "Mrs. Barker's" birthday party also. Oh well, as long as they get back together eventually, I support them all the way!

Blink 182 rocks! Big hugs to all of them and hope they remain friends forever! :)
Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2005
I hated it when they said blink was over! it sucks! hopefully they will get back together and be as good as ever!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2005
Blink is the greatest ever. My friend say's that Tom was at Mrs. Barkers birthday. My friend said hes the guy with the white hat on, shaking his head. I dont really believe but i'm waiting for that episode to come again, so check it out and post your opinion.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 26, 2005
i heard a rumor that something bad happend to tom! i don't know if its true
Posted by: Anonymous on April 27, 2005
i miss tom. :( that guy is my hero.

Posted by: Anonymous on May 02, 2005
i'm crying so hard right now this sucks. It's lame these guys were my first taste of punk rock and i hoped i could take my kids to one of their shows so many tears make it stop!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 06, 2005
i miss blink more than anyone ever will know--
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2005
its ok - of course they'll be back. have you heard of the rolling stones? if musicians need money they'll be back..
Posted by: Anonymous on May 15, 2005
Blink 182 is cool and a good band and to hear that they have broken up it SUCKS!!!!! But hopefully they'll get back together But don't be down cuz they broke up HOLD ON
Posted by: Anonymous on May 19, 2005
tom was at there wedding so we know he hasnt completely dissapeared so i cant wait for plus 44 to come out with there cd
Posted by: Anonymous on May 19, 2005
it does suck that they are on a break but i hope the come back because they are my favorite band
Posted by: Anonymous on August 08, 2005
I heard that they were going to come back and play once again in 2009 ....
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2006
hey yes it sux that blink broke up they were the best band ever but tom has a new band angels and airwaves and they kick. doesnt sound like blink 182 but its almost as good
Posted by: Anonymous on March 01, 2006
Dude no matter what Plus 44 or AVA will never be as good as Blink cuz Tom Travis and Mark are the best when together
Posted by: Anonymous on April 17, 2006
i love blink-182 they are my favorite band, but i really really really really really really hope they come back sometime...
Posted by: Anonymous on December 15, 2006
If Blink 182 got back together, it would be the best.with a comeback album, they would make loadza money, but obv , thats not important, whats important is the music, toms curently working with his new band angels and airwaves, travis and mark have formed plus 44, but there is no point, they will never be as big as Blink 182, so there better off reforming blink 182, asap!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 16, 2006
I dont get why bands form side projects, i dont think they get that theyre supposed to be loyal to their band. They should know its just gunna get their main band mad. I too am a huge Blink-182 fan and I hope they get back together. It's just not the same if they're not together.+44 and AVA are good but Blink-182 kicks their butt any day.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 21, 2007
blink 182 rock they died but from the ashes came sumthing nue ava and pluss 44

blink rip
Posted by: Anonymous on March 29, 2007
Man i can't believe its over for Blink i am a huge fan and +44 is good but its not the same Please get back together. My friend told me the might be doing one last album called "for the kids" but its probable not true you can only hope though because that would be so cool!!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 10, 2007
rumours say they are coming back warped tour 2009 as much as i would live that i doubt it
Posted by: Anonymous on October 28, 2007
herad that too,,,i'd luv to see thm in action lol again
Posted by: Anonymous on January 09, 2008
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