Simon Cowell's Il Divo Release Debuts Today in North America

Published: 2005-04-19
The market for pop-opera artists seems to be growing these days (think Josh Groban and Charlotte Church), and American Idol judge Simon Cowell, observant lad that he is, noticed this trend and fashioned his own group to fit the mould. The result is Il Divo, a multinational band comprising four young men with classically trained voices.

Those who have been looking for a highbrow version of American Idol can buy Il Divo's debut album starting today in North America. An American, a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and a Swiss sing in English, Spanish, and Italian on the disc, giving the project an element of worldliness.

To hear what an operatic pop boy-band sounds like singing a Spanish version of Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart" (surprisingly manly!), go to

Il Divo's self-titled debut features the following tracks:

"Unbreak My Heart (Regresa A Mi)"
"Nella Fantasia"
"Every Time I Look At You"
"Ti AmerÚ"
"Dentro un Altro Si"
"The Man You Love"
"Hoy Que Ya No Estas Aqui"
"Sei Parte Ormai Di Me"
"My Way (A Mi Manera)"
"Unchained Melody (Senza Catene)"

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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I saw and heard Il Divo on the Regis show this morning. They are absolutely fantastic. Simon Cowell has done it again. Thank you.
First thing in the morning I shall go out and purchase the cd.

Posted by: Evelyn on April 19, 2005
I saw and heard il Divo on Oprah show. I
counld not wait for the CD to come out! Today I purchased it and have listened to it a dozen times. Bravo to these four wonderfully talented men.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 19, 2005
I have seen Il Divo in all their appearances on the US TV (Oprah, Extra TV, Tonight Show, Today Show, Regis and Kelly) and they are absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!! Among all those real handsome faces, my favorite is the Spanish one "Carlos Marin". I will recommend their music to everyone I know.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 19, 2005
these guys are HOT!..Sebastien - a hunk!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 19, 2005
I purchased the CD and all I can say is FABULOUS. I am not one to listen to opera, but the songs are amazing! It is the only CD I have listened to since yesterday morning. I am telling as many people as a I can about the fabulous CD. Bravo Il Divo!!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 20, 2005
How do I get this CD?
Posted by: Anonymous on April 20, 2005
They are AMAZING!! I am buying that CD as soon as it comes out!! when are they comeing out anyways?
Posted by: Anonymous on April 21, 2005
i saw il divo on oprah - they were so amazing - the next day i went to buy their cd - i must say that they are amazing - i hope that they will make a tour soon -
Posted by: Anonymous on April 23, 2005
when i listened to il divo for the first time i cried because their music is divine.i don¥t like opera music but when i listened to the album i just loved it, because the music touched my heart. i want to give thanks for il divo for bring this cd to this planet, because this cd is divine and i think that this cds gonna change the life of many people( like me ). my favourite song is mama.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2005
This group is fabulous - what a range in vocals - when I first listened to their CD, my hair stood on end. They are so young and so talented. I would love to see them in concert. Hope they come to Toronto.

Posted by: Susan on April 24, 2005
I saw them, I bought it! Those voices together give me goosebumps. Simon knows his business. What a fantastic quartet of voices. I can't wait for more!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 25, 2005
Music as it ought to be! Takes you above and away from the mundane to the music of the spheres! I love it. Wish there were more of the same calibre.

One up for the group, and one up for Simon Cowell. Now anyone who wants to can clearly see what he's looking for in American Idol and realize that he is not being nasty for the sake of being nasty. His tastes in music are almost other-worldly. I hope he produces more of the same.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 25, 2005
they are fabulous. does anyone know who is the baritone. Carlos?
Posted by: Anonymous on April 27, 2005
Well..same here. the 1st time i heard the new version of Unbreak My Heart was on MTV. And only once, the next day i said i gotta buy their music. And when i listened to them, Gosh, it really gives me goosebumps. I keep listening to them over and over again. In fact until now. Whoa!! At 1st i just hate Simon Cowell but i begin to like him in this new season of american idol for i think he's actuallt correct and now, after he proved with his new talent Il Divo, i know this is MUSIC!!! Not a stupid good looking boy band we used to see and hear on tv. I never buy any of that kind of cheap music but i certainly know i wont waste my money on stupid singers. Congrats to Simon.. Il Divo is worth buying!! Truly pure and powerful! All in one package. Keep up the good work guys!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 03, 2005
My husband and I just have finished listening to IL DIVO and thought it was wonderful, it was very moving . Good luck to all the young men, David, Carlos, Urs,Sebastien, hope you have a long career so that we can continue to enjoy you.

Connie and Richard
Posted by: Anonymous on May 05, 2005
Thank you Simon for bringing the gift of Il Divo to the world and my life. It mean more than you'll ever know.
Posted by: peto on May 05, 2005
Can you tell me when Il Divo will be appearing in concert in NYC?

I would love to get about 20 tickets, if & when they do....please advise
Posted by: Anonymous on May 12, 2005
I listen to their cd today and it was and is mind-blowing. This is what i call music. THANK YOU SIMON.
Posted by: henriette89 on May 15, 2005
Received the cd as a gift and have played it every day. The cd is wonderful. The songs and music are great! Voices are very moving. Buy the cd and you will be moved to tears.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 17, 2005
I have loved IL DIVO since I first heard them back in September 2004.

I will be first in line to buy the MAMA DVD Monday, and can't wait for the concerts in the fall.

Everytime I listen to them it is like the first time, I never get bored with their music, my cd will be worn out before the new one is released.
I get chest pains when I listen to them, I wish they wern't so gorgous, they are the most beautiful men I have ever seen, where were they hiding all these years?

I would like to thank Simon Cowell for IL DIVO, he does have a good ear when it comes to music.
Posted by: Irene on May 19, 2005
IL DIVO!!what can i say what hasn't already been said..they are amazing and sooo talented.
Thankyou Simon cowell for giving us this wonderful group of talented gorgeous young men!!
Posted by: softy on May 19, 2005
Wow! Thanks for all those lovely comments! I am one of the Il Divo Divas from England and since Il Divo came into my life in November 2004, I have been a much happier person - never knew music could make me feel like this. I've seen them live once already and due to see them again 10th July at Henley. Welcome to the Il Divo Divine Experience.

Wishing you all joy and happiness.

Sue, Birmingham, England
Posted by: Sue on May 19, 2005
Some of the most divine voices you will ever hear - not too painful on the eyes, either!
Posted by: Juliet on May 19, 2005
Il Divo is a lovely group of handsome men who sing straight from their soul. I listen to their album everyday and they make me forget all my problems with their angelic harmonies. Plus, it¥s a really good album to listen to while painting the kitchen :D

Luv, Embe
Posted by: Anonymous on May 19, 2005
Four fantastically talented young men and great personalities. Music to die for, that is Il Divo. We miss you in the Uk very much. Cannot wait for the new album to come out.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 19, 2005
I've never been a fan of opera. Then I discovered Il Divo, and I am a changed person. This incredible cd takes me to another place and makes me feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Four exquisite voices, singing the most beautiful words - no matter what language, accompanied by beautiful music, all adds up to perfection. Simply perfection. I can honestly say that the last time I was this awed and captivated by a musical group was in February 1964. I was nine years old, and the group was called The Beatles.

Posted by: Phivoh on May 20, 2005
I was sitting with my finger on the mute button when Jay Leno introduced these gentlemen. Then he said they'd been picked by Simon Cowell, and I decided to listen. Am I ever glad I did! The first time I listened to the CD, I had goosebumps for a solid hour! It's been nearly 30 years since I bought extra copies of a recording to give to friends and family, and I'm on my eighth at last count. This group is fabulous!!!

If you only have the money for one CD, this is it. Trust me, they are the best you've heard in years.
Posted by: Rosette on May 21, 2005
These guys are absolutely fantastic. I've started listening to the CD in the car since it really calms me while driving in traffic! I no longer mind traffic jams since I'm surrounded by these 4 wonderful voices.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 29, 2005
It seems the world is still discovering and loving the "Songs of Il Divo". I'm talking about Divne Carlos,Angel David, Exceptionally gifted U.R.S. and of course the Wonderous talent and spiritual grace of Sebastien.God created music so he can listen to Il Divo sing, and I am glad.
Posted by: peto on June 06, 2005
Is there a fan club for Il Divo and a page that tells of their appearances and when be it TV or live>
Posted by: Anonymous on July 07, 2005
Their voices inspire me. God, They are SO powerful!! All I can say is WOW!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 26, 2005
I have never heard voices to compare with this group! I heard them for the first time when they sang 'Unchained Melody' on 'The Young and the Restless' I was moved to tears they were that wonderful! I want to buy their CD soon as I can locate it. Finally good music that certainly moves the soul! I was more than excited when they hit that first note! Wow, where have they been keeping this group! Bravo! I had tears throughout the entire was over too soon..I only wish they would have sang more then just the one tune. Wow,,,dosen't begin to say how great they are~ Karen frome Ohio
Posted by: Anonymous on August 29, 2005
Could you tell me when il divo will have a concert in the uk?
Posted by: Anonymous on September 18, 2005
We love the Il Divo CD. Would love to have a DVD showing them sing all of the songs. We have the one that shows about 5 of them. When will they be doing a concert in America?
Posted by: Anonymous on September 25, 2005
im a very big fan of il divo i listen to them while im on my dialysis machine which is eight hours long every day they bring me much joy so does simon. iam 43yrs i love you simon also il divo and one day hope to meet you thankyou for everything you bring
Posted by: Anonymous on October 03, 2005
I have been amazed with Il Divo since the first time I heard 'Regresa A Mi' I love all their songs, and as for the guys themselves they are absolute stunners. I have just heard their new song 'Ancora' when they performed on the programme 'Loose Women'on Monday, they took my breath away. I would do anything to meet Il Divo, as some people have already asked, can you tell us when Il Divo will be in concert in the UK?

From Anna-Marie x
Posted by: Anonymous on October 05, 2005
you could take a look at this site for more info:

love marieke
Posted by: Anonymous on October 17, 2005
I am an old lady and when I heard their CD I could not believe what I heard.

Love the music...their voices are so beautiful......I listen to their CD daily and still can't get enough.

I am now looking to buy Ancora, which is scheduled to be released Nov 7, 2005...
Posted by: Anonymous on November 02, 2005
The 3 CDs by Il Divo have been a breath of fresh air to these old ears. I was completely discourage with the pop music environment, that I had stopped buying CDs. After hearing Il Divo, I ran out and bought a baker's dozen so I could give them to all my loved ones. This is REAL Music and these 4 singers are the best I have ever heard! My wife is addicted also, I call it Il Divoitis), she listens to them all day long. Hope they come out with a new album soon. Viva Il Divo!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 21, 2006
Saw Il Divo last week, at wembley arena, and 2 hear them live was fantastic. These are 4 highly talented individual's, which make up a awesome group. They are brilliant. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK LADS, as us fans want more!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 15, 2006
Saw Il Divo last week in Manchester. Wow, what can I say. They have got to be the best singers I have ever heard. Can't turn the CD off. Love listening to it. They are also really gorgeous as well. I love them all. Keep up the good work!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 25, 2006
Il Divo is the best singing group in the
world! I am simply unable to stop listening to their songs - they are so
romantic and touching but,best of all , it is Sebastian,Carlos, David and Urs who
sings those songs. What amazing voices they have! In addition they sooooooooo
very handsome
Posted by: Anonymous on June 14, 2006
So many wonderful things have been written about Il Divo and I am in
complete agreement! Their voices are
amazing,their songs are wonderful and
spine-tingling and their good looks take
your breath away!What a winning combina-tion! I will forever be grateful to Simon
Cowell for IlDivo.Thank you Simon!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 14, 2006
Like all Il Divo fans I was mesmerized when I first heard them in the "Oprah Show". I own all their CDs/DVD and play them everyday. I was excited when I heard that they will be touring Vancouver, BC July 3,2006. I hope to see them backstage after the show. Could someone tell me how to get backstage tickets? I need this info soon. Thanks! Phyllis
Posted by: Anonymous on June 27, 2006
i think they are sooooooooo over rated josh groban would put them to shame no worries
Posted by: Anonymous on September 05, 2006
I LOVE IL DIVO!! I have already been to two of their concerts in Australia, and I am totally addicted. I continually play their music, it is unbelievably beautiful. I especially love David's magnificent tenor. All the guys have the voices and looks of angels.
THANK YOU SIMON! Your greatest achievement!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 08, 2007
IL DIVO is exciting and exhuberent they are 4 gorgeous men talent and beautiful voices too see them live is an awesome experience.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 24, 2007
The new music genre pop-opera has reached all music lovers souls.At what age did each Il Divo member realize that singing was to become their life's work? Did mom have to push them to practice instruments or sing in choirs? What advice would they give to aspiring vocalists or instramentalist who would like to persue musical careers?
Posted by: Anonymous on August 12, 2007
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