McDonalds Will Pay Rappers To Say 'Big Mac'

Published: 2005-03-30
Executives at fast-food giant McDonalds have apparently noticed rappers habits of unabashedly shouting out brand names in their songs. While it's usual Cristal or Jacob the Jeweller that gets the biggest mention, McDonalds is looking to change that shout-out to "Big Mac". They've started a campaign that will give rappers incentives to start paying homage to the man with the big red afro.

If a rapper includes a mention of a Big Mac burger in their song, McDonald's is willing to pay them $1-$5 for each time the song is played. No small matter, if someone like 50 Cent decides to jump on the bandwagon, McDonald's could be paying rap artists millions upon millions of dollars.

A marketing firm by the name of Maven Strategies is behind the campaign, with president Tony Rome firmly behind the outing. The idea is to let the artists have creative control, but it will be McDonald's that has the final say on the lyrics that set next to Big Mac. So far the most blatant attempt at cashing in on others' success, the public will have to wait and see if the deal pays off or not (and for whom!).

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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With all the cheap and obvious sellouts in this scene, McDonald's should be quite successful. Payola to the musicians, but how are they going to funnel it back to the radio stations? Oh yea, complementary concert tickets and the like.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 30, 2005
Mcdonalds causes cancer. Beware.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 03, 2005
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