The Cure Reissue Three Albums In Spring

Published: 2005-03-15
In their love of all music both great and small, Rhino Records will continue in their quest to reissue seminal '80s band The Cure's back catalogue. Through the wonders of digital remastering, "Seventeen Seconds", "Faith", and "Pornography" will all get a new lease on life, scrubbed up and fresh faced. Not only that, but each album will also come with a second disc full of rarities, demos, live tracks, and all that jazz.

The Cure's debut album "Three Imaginary Boys" already got the reissue treatment back in December, and the band's efforts 2 through 4 will slide into record collections on April 26th. In addition to the original remastered version and bonus disc of rarities, each release will also come with the obligatory double-stuffed reissue album sleeve.

For those who can't remember (or weren't yet born), "Seventeen Seconds" was released in 1980 when Robert Smith was but a wee 21-year-old lad. "Faith" followed the next year, containing uppity songs like "The Funeral Party" and "The Drowning Man". Their fourth effort "Pornography" saw The Cure move into their famous dark state, and was released in 1982.

The original track-listings remain the same, but here are the track-listings of the bonus discs included with each reissue:

"Seventeen Seconds" bonus disc "Rarities 1979-1980":

"I'm a Cult Hero" (vinyl single A-side)
"I Dig You" (vinyl single B-side)
"Another Journey By Train" (home demo)
"Secrets" (home demo)
"Seventeen Seconds" (live)
"In Your House" (live)
"Three" (alternate mix)
"I Dig You" (live)
"I'm a Cult Hero" (live)
"M" (live)
"The Final Sound" (live)
"A Reflection" (live)
"Play For Today" (live)
"At Night" (live)
"A Forest" (live)

"Faith" bonus disc "Rarities 1980-1981":

"Faith" (home demo)
"Doubt" (home demo)
"Drowning" (home demo)
"The Holy Hour" (home demo)
"Primary" (outtake)
"Going Home Time" (outtake)
"The Violin Song" (outtake)
"A Normal Story" (outtake)
"All Cats Are Grey" (live)
"The Funeral Party" (live)
"Other Voices" (live)
"The Drowning Man" (live)
"Faith" (live)
"Forever" (live)
"Charlotte Sometimes" (single)

"Pornography" bonus disc "Rarities 1981-1982":

"Break" (home demo)
"Demise (demo)
"Temptation" (demo)
"The Figurehead" (demo)
"The Hanging Garden" (demo)
"One Hundred Years" (demo)
"Airlock: The Soundtrack"
"Cold" (live)
"A Strange Day" (live)
"Pornography" (live)
"All Mine" (live)
"A Short Term Effect" (live)
"Siamese Twins" (live)
"Temptation Two (aka LGBT)" (demo)

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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