Malicious Code found on Kazaa

Published: 2004-01-12
Kazaa ( is one of the many online music downloading services available on the internet and the most popular file sharing site. However, according to a survey conducted by Bruce Hughes, director of malicious code research at TruSecure, customers who download files from Kazaa are getting more than they bargained for. Nearly half of the files on Kazaa contained malicious code – viruses and worms. It is not known how much of the code was embedded on purpose or if an infected file was unknowingly passed on. The malicious codes are designed to do anything from spread spam to stealing personal information to infecting every file on a user's computer. There are as many as three million users on Kazaa at any given time which makes the site attractive for spreading viruses. Hughes said that most of the malicious code can be detected by anti-virus software. According to Hughes the codes are not in the music, photos, and movies themselves and cannot infect the computer simply by opening the files. In order to launch the code the file must be opened via another program (ie. Real Player). Hughes said that people should be aware of what they are downloading and to keep up on the anti-virus software.

Writer: Sherrill Fulghum



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