Ryan Vikedal Ex-Drummer of Nickelback, Fired

Published: 2005-01-31
Ryan Vikedal has been drumming with Nickelback through three successful albums and 17 million records sold; he has announced recently that he did not leave the band willingly, he was fired. Vikedal told the Edmonton Sun, "We met with producer Bob Rock before Christmas holidays, and everything seemed fine but when we got backÖI was told I was fired."

Chad Kroeger and the rest of the band said to Vikedal that his heart was not with it and he was not what they were looking for with their new projects. Vikedal says he found out he was being replaced with Three Doors Down drummer Daniel Adair, a band with which Nickelback had toured with last year. Leaving the band in this way has made Vikedal feel betrayed by the band that he once called a family.

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As a loyal fan to Nickelback, I feel the firing of the drummer was wrong and not justified. The fans love the music of Nickelback and we pray the music doesn't change. I also have a 3 and 5 year old who has listened to Nickelback since they were able to understand music. Now, whenever we're in a store or somewhere where there's music, if Nickelback comes on the radio, they'll hollar and say "Nickelback". Let's hope the music stays the same! I don't agree with the way the firing was done either.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 02, 2005
I really feel it was a stupid and rude way of saying to some one after a long time of dedication to do that to a band family member. yeah i loved nickleback but chads being a coward to himself and the band and i know there music wont be the same without that drummer i know that, a drummer is the key to the whole band there the universal beat. Chad and the band thats left are going to find that out, by then it will be too far gone i think chad and his band arent saying the whole story any ways wish chad well on his marriage if its true and good luck to the drummer he was awsome!!
Posted by: Tiff on February 04, 2005
How can your heart not be in it after 3 sucsessful albums. So rude to fire someone like that i know drummers are said to be the most replaceable members but its pathetic. I just hope they dont live to regret it.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 05, 2005
I am a huge Nickelback fan and have been for almost 4 years now.Now none of us know whats goes on behind closed doors so I think its unfair to blame the band entirely as record labels are pretty harsh themselves.I think if its true then it was a bad way of doing that to a long term friend.Peake and vikedal have been mates for many years and I hope their friendship doesn't suffer because of this.I still love nickelback's music and as long as they dont get big headed I will always love them!
Posted by: Bec on February 09, 2005
WHY??? How do you replace such a brilliant drummer - dammit!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 13, 2005
I don't know Ryan Vikedal, but I know Daniel Adair. If 3 Doors would have made him an actual 'member' instead of keeping him a 'paid' sideman, he may not have left them at all, that is important here.

Secondly, Vikedal was told he was fired by Bob Rock, on behalf of Nickelback. No calls from the other band members, no returning of calls, just complete and utter disrespect and cowardice. Frankly, if I was Daniel, I'd be apprehensive of people who treat not only bandmembers, but long time friends this way.

For the record, Ryan enjoyed smoking weed a little too much. When you recording a record and you're told to be there at 10:00 am and you show up stoned, consistently at 12:00 or 1:00PM..you need a shake. Especially with Rock on the hour and a obvious need to amek it count...these boys know they're outwearing their welcome and desparate times mean desparate measures. That says alot about their mindset, Chad anyways.

Too bad Ryans so called friends didn't think they owed him some one on one to explain their concerns, he's more than qualified to play their type of one finger detuned strumm and drang tedium.

At any rate, these guys are getting tiresome and unimaginative anyways and I believe their best years are behind them. I find their music mundane and whiny (Chad should get some therapy if things were so bad) about how much things suck.

Later boys...enjoy the residuals...and Dan...watch your back!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 15, 2005
He was the only one I actually listened to in Nickelback. I will still listen to them, but not as much now that Vikedal is gone. VIKEDAL ROCKS!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 18, 2005
i am a huge nickelback fan and all i have to say is they are going to miss ryan, he was 75% of nickelback. he is a great drummer.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 19, 2005
That is so wrong to fire ryan! YOU ROCK RYAN!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!! BOO YA!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 21, 2005
Ok, i don't think it was fair to fire Ryan, and it's gona be hard to adjust to the new guy. But Vikedal IS nickelbacks 3rd drummer (Brandon Kroeger was the drummer in curb, and the other one didn't even get on an album i dont think, unless he was on hesher, which i doubt)
Vikedal had rhythm, and the image of nickelback might not look the same without him.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 25, 2005
I am a huge Nickelback fan, I am very sorry to see him go, I saw them live twice last year & Ryan's performance was fantastic.
I love Chad to bit's but I am starting to see a pattern in his behavior here, 1st the very public falling out with Josey & now Ryan, I think someone may be getting a little to big for his boots. Watch out Mike....you might be next no-one seems safe!

Posted by: Anonymous on March 09, 2005
Ryan Vikedal I think is one of the best drummers on the scene right now. He was a big part in moulding Nickelback's unique sound. Now that he his gone I wonder if it will sound different. I know that when I hear the new cd there will be an emptiness to me. Adair better do a good job in filling some big shoes. I wish Vikedal the best and I wish he was in my band. Also, I agree with people when they say that Chad might be getting a big head and I think Bob Rock is feeding Chad's head. I love Chad as an all around musician. He is an amazing guitarist and songwriter. Lots of love to Nickelback and Vikedal
Posted by: Anonymous on March 11, 2005
I'm always a little apprehensive about believing what I'm reading especially when there is so little information as in this case. maybe ryan was fired by the recoprd company and the other guys can't stand up for ryan publicly because that would be biting the hand that feeds them. in any case I love nickelbacks music. I'll miss ryan's dynamic beats but I'l be interested to see what daniel can do.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2005
Well, I would just like to say that Ryan Vikedal rocks and WILL keep on rockin' on in his future career. I also wish good luck to Dan Adair and the rest of Nickelback!

1st drummer: Brandon Kroeger 1996-1997
2nd drummer: Mitch Guindon 1997
3rd drummer: Ryan 'Nik' Vikedal 1999-2005
4th drummer: Daniel Adair 2005-????

That was just a list of all the drummers Nickelback have had, thought I'd just let you all know :). ROCK ON VIKEDAL!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 04, 2005
Ive been a big fan of Nickelback for a very long time now, and Chad has really influenced me in my singing for my band-guitaring. But things just dropped when I heard the fact that Vikedal had been fired! It wasn't just a click of a finger "BANG" your fired it was almost like Vikedal was a piece of rubbish to Chad! I will ALWAYS be Nickelbacks fan & im sure many others will to. But i would like to add to Vikedal... Thank you for the best drumming that ive heard in my head...And now its time to c if Adair can compete! Rock on Vikedal plus NB!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 04, 2005
I wish the best for chad and nickleback i still will always love them for years to come rock on guys best of wishes
Posted by: Tiff on April 05, 2005
i would like to say that it is a sad day for nickelback fans to loose such an amazing member of nickelback. i have a soft spot for ryan and it is such a shame he has left. i honestly dont think anyone could be as good as he was.
good luck to Ryan in everything he does for the future !!!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2005
Ryan is the Only reason that I am a Fan. I am a drummer myself, and Ryan had what it took to make it big. He has a real feel for the music and it is not going to be the same without him. In fact I will probably not even bother to see their shows anymore, with Ryan gone. The new stuff is gonna suck with Ryan. I guess we will just wait and see. I saw 3 doors down with the drummer that intends to join Nickelback. Nothing special, for sure!! Also, Chad, why so few concert dates in the States? what's the matter with the good-old USA!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 04, 2005
I have to say that I love nickelback. Ryan is an awesome drummer, I have been playing drums for 10 years and he is one of my favorites, I don't think he will have a hard time finding another gig. Good luck man keep on rockin.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 05, 2005
Daniel is definately a better drummer than Ryan. Appearantly, Ryan hasn't been growing. His drumming is too repeditive. The band needs someone who will challenge them as musicians, not slow them down. Sometimes the weakest link needs to be cut out.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 17, 2005
I felt sick when i heard about ryan he was a big part of the band i saw them in dublin when they came he was just class, im a drummer ever since then and i owe it all to him. ryan i wish you the best of luck ryan rock on ryan!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 27, 2005
nikelback is going to suck now that ryan is gone. ryan rock on buddy!!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 29, 2005
After reading all the comments I'd like to say that if they had a problem with Nik, did they try and sort it out first, did they have the guts to say anything to him and find ways to resolve the problems so everyone is happy, or did they just fire him without doing the above??? Only people on the inside closest to the band with know the answer to this. Personally I love Nickelback but I was sad to hear that Nik had left and I would hope that Chad is not getting too big for his boots, because I HATE people like that and it will influence my decisions about Nickelback in the future.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 08, 2005
I would just like to say. i think it's crazy that everyone is blaming Chad. If you are part of a business, Rock group, Doctor. You do what you think is best for you, and your associates.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 09, 2005
I went to school with ryan all he did was play drums he was awesome back then to listen to and is even better today what ever he does will rock ,The band was all about chad anyways. I heard Nik is in a hard rock band and is cutting a record now
Posted by: Anonymous on October 29, 2005
Too Bad!Just like the song."Just too bad" I don't see how someone could be useful for three albums and suddenly be useless after this. Really!There are all sorts of drummers that could replace Ryan but what kind of band abandons one of the pioneers of their group. Good luck to all but remember what goes around comes around.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 03, 2005
There was such finesse and versatality with NIK.THAT is what made Nickelback listenable and chart-topping.The drum sounds & presence were huge on their recordings.Noone can deny or replace that.That was HIS style.The new guy is too structured and can't FEEL the way Nickelback USED to feel. NIK will be missed,I used to be a fan. JPK.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 22, 2005
Let me say this; I used to be in a band with Daniel called Martone. As a bass player I was constantly challenged with Daniels grooves and ideas. During the first year, we watched Daniel blossom to this phenomenonal talent.

Daniel is an excellent addition to Nickleback.

Posted by: Anonymous on January 17, 2006
Listen i have been a fan of nickelback for 4 years know and i am only 16 i have been drumming for 12 years now and ryan was my idol and the band was awsome when i seen them live in halifax and now they lost the favorite member of the band its not right and a comment i read erlier about you just cant keep a member and toss him? its just not right. ryan had such a good style of drumming and i loved it.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 18, 2006
At first I wondered how could the band sound any better. Now that Adair's in there I know the answer. A good band is now awesome. It's not just the drumming itself but there's also a bigger creative chemistry going on overall. I thought Ryan's playing was great but getting Adair was definitely a smart move.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 28, 2006
I'm a loyal Nickelback fan. You can't believe everything you read or sometimes hear for that matter. We're not in the band and don't know what the story is. As soon as I heard All the Right Reasons I knew something was different, but in a good way. This is their best album yet. Looking forward to future records.
Posted by: anik on February 19, 2006
I personally found that the Band sounds far better with Daniel Adair in the Band. No disrespect to R. Vikedal, but his style of Drumming just didn't suit them that much. He's able to play hard and Heavy whenever its needed, but it always seemed, while listening to Nickelback's previous Albums, that there was something missing. I think it was that Vikedal's Drumming Style is more Jazz Oriented and therefore tailored to suit that style more (he has admitted he listens to loads of Jazz, which is not a bad thing) wherease Adair's Drumming is definitely more geared towards out and out 'Rock' and it shows. As soon as I heard Adair's Drumming I couldn't help but think "Wow, where's this guy been all this Time?" The fact that he sings too is pretty cool I think.
They'll be visiting my Home Town of Dublin in Ireland supporting Bon Jovi this Summer. Despite the fact that I'm very busy with my own Band this Year, I do hope to get to see them again.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 21, 2006
I've been a huge fan of Nickelback since I was 11 and I respect the bands desion to fire Ryan if it was nessesary to keep the bands popularity high.And I also think that Chad isn't getting to big for his boots just trying to make the right desions for him and the band. Daniel is a great drummer!!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 01, 2006
Thing is, I thought once Vikedal left, Nickelback might roll down hill. Doesn't seem to be true, I had the oppurtunity to see them live in Atlanta, GA, and MAN!!! Adair definitely has some chops! Vikedal is very much geared more towards a heavy, "Bonham", jazz style of rock. Which, is exactly how I play, I modeled my playing from his Vikedal's style, and I actually play the same exact cymbal set ups from "The Long Road" (Zildjian Z Customs), and the "Silver Side Up" (Zildjian Ks and K Customs). But, fact is, is that Adair's fusion style speeds Nickelback up, and adds a touch of extra "groove" in the slower ballads that make them sound more full, and the double pedal speed on the faster songs is amazing. When I heard Daniel on the 3 Doors Down CDs, I wasn't overly impressed, but after seeing him with Nickelback, D@#$!!! Adair definitely displays better chops, but that's only what's released, I would be curious to see what they could do against each other. I've heard Ryan do some pretty amazing things as well. Ryan's drum sound his all his own, I have never heard a better bass, snare, and tom sound recorded, we should all be so lucky to play Ayotte Drums!! Good luck to Ryan with Soundevice, and let's hope this isn't Chad's head getting the better him.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 18, 2006
I think that when Ryan was in the band they were great but most of the music was starting to sound the same, Good luck to him in the future he is a great drummer but I think Daniel is better suited for the band. Chad was doing what he needed to do to keep growing with his music, he's an awesome all around musician, best of luck to both Ryan and Nickelback
Posted by: Anonymous on May 07, 2006
I am very happy to see Ryan with Soundevice now. Being a fan of Ryan's and fan of Soundevice - this should be a real treat!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 17, 2006
i think that it was not a good move fireing vikedal becauae he was their first known drummer and he had the best rythim i have ever heard. i don't think that adair suits the band that well and i find that the band had just used vikedal and when they got famous they would just get rid of him. i find theat their best work was with vikedal and i wish te best of luck to vikedal and the band. YOU ROCK VIKEDAL!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 01, 2006
i think it is very stupid to fire ryan. He was the best drummer nickelback could have ever had if i could have him in my band i would never have kicked out nor tell someone else to do it for me im learning the drums and he was my insperation i even bought the exact same drum set i feelbad for who ever will get kicked out next. ROCK ON VIKEDAL!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 01, 2006
I think Vikedal was good, but Daniel Adair is just awesome. I hope he's with them for a very long time. YOU ROCK ADAIR!!!!!!
Posted by: cts029 on June 03, 2006
Vikedal was not great, adair is little better... the best drummer of all time in Nickelback will always be Brandon Kroeger! That dude rocked!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 11, 2006
I am not a hardcore fan, and I am not a amazing drummer myself, but Vikedal had the perfect feel for the music, he's what gave Nickelback their power to rock! And the reason Chad gave him to kick him out was just, well its laughable really, hes a genuinly great drummer, and I think that might be the reason i don't like Nickelback anymore, the new drummer is all obout the showing off, maybe he is a better drummer, but its the feeling MAN!!! Lee / UK / Newcastle!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 15, 2006
My confidence, and feeling for Nickelback has quite changed upon knowing Vikedal was fired. Up until recently, I was not aware of him being replaced until the new album came out.(All the Right Reasons) I`ve loved Nickelback and been a HUGE FAN since I was 12.Vikedal was a great drummer. There was NO reason to replace him.How LOW of you Chad!! Good Luck Ryan!! We will miss you much!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 03, 2006
I have been a fan of Nickelback since I was 11, and I was very disapointed to hear that Ryan had been kicked out. I go to the junior high school that he attended, and I had the same homeroom teacher as him in Gr.7. That teacher himself said that Ryan was more jazz oriented, and that seems true. Whatever it is now Ryan is doing, I am sure he is doing it well. Just too bad.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 09, 2006
Posted by: Anonymous on November 14, 2006
Posted by: Anonymous on December 18, 2006
i have been a huge fan of nickelback for years ever since they came out .
and i think it sux how they fired ryan from the band will never be the same with out him although i hope daniel does well as ryan did.
have all you members noticed how the music got softer RYAN VIKEDAL YOU ROCK!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 25, 2007
Just one listen to track # 4 (Animals) on the All the Right Reasons CD, puts to rest any questions of Daniel Adair's ability to "meet the grade". The drum run at the end of the song is so hot, my husband has to hose me off everytime I hear it! It's sad that Ryan had to be let go, but sometimes that kind of stuff just happens. Daniel can certainly keep up, though. {sigh}
Posted by: Anonymous on April 16, 2007
Eh, they probably fired him because they got tired of confusing the two Ryans in the band. Make any sense?
Posted by: Anonymous on April 20, 2007
Ryan Vikedal was an awsome drummer! althought i have yet to meet him his skills were off the hook. I have to say i liked Nickelback better when Ryan was drumming for them!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 12, 2007
I dont get how can they just fire him after all that time with them, I have always been a nickelback fan but i dont think i will still be after i knew why they fired him i dont think it's fair.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 17, 2007
What were they thinking????? bye bye:-(
Posted by: Anonymous on June 21, 2007
Look,All The Right Reasons is a great album and judging by record sales I think people think it's their best. Have you seen Daniel Adair play drums? Go to a NICKELBACK concert!When I went he did an awesome solo! Second,NICKELBACK is NICKELBACK. Chad's voice is the same and I think the drummer isn't the main character in the band anyway!!! It's always been kinda focused on Chad, Ryan, and Mike, afterall they're the rightful owners of the band and always will be. If three people think one person just doesn't feel the rock chances are he doesn't feel it. I think if the rest of the band doesn't think it's alright then it's not. Don't hate on Chad!Do you really tink if just he wanted him out he'd be out? If just Chad wanted him out it would be probably Chad who would be out. Then NICKELBACK wouldn't be NICKELBACK!!! Chad is the frontman but that doesn't mean he makes all the decisions! I'm positive the dude was a good drummer, a wonderful drummer at that, and I'm sad it didn't work out but things happen for a reason.Daniel is a wonderful drummer also. The music still sounds like it's the best band ever made on this earth and always be that way.Let's just hope they don't change drummers for their next album supposed to come out late 2007 and early 2008!!!I'm saying keep rockin' NICKELBACK and keep be the best you can be!!!!!ROCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 29, 2007
If you are liking the band for the drummer, you don't deserve to be a fan!!!Nickelback is Nickelback and no one was making a fuss when Brandon left. Did some one stop to think it wasn't just Chad who thought he wasn't feelin' it? If it was he probably wouldn't be gone.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 02, 2007
First of all, Nobody cared when Brandon left because he was a part of Curb, Nickelback was no where near popular until Silver Side Up, 2 albums later. Even the States didn't give them much of a boost. And it was Brandon's own decision to leave, he wasn't fired. And who will ever know the real story behind Vikedal being fired or quitting or whatever they're saying. We'll just have to get over it, at least it wasn't Peake or Mike or even then Kroeger leaving. And listen to the music now, they are more popular than ever with All the Right Reasons, and I'm sure if nobody knew that Vokedal was, nobody would of even noticed. But for the record, Adair is a wicked drummer. Aometimes I wonder is replacing Vokedal was a good thing, but like the guy who posted on Feb. 15 '05, you can't show up late and you need to have your head in the game. Well I think Vikdal as made enough money to take care of himself, he should be okay.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 11, 2007
i love ryan vikedal
Posted by: Anonymous on July 23, 2007
Hey Nickelback had their reasons for firing Ryan. He probably got too cocky and thats what happens, no offense to him but it happens to the best of us. I hope he can find something else to look forward to.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 09, 2008
Ryan's the least cocky person ever! Chad, however, is a whole different story..
Posted by: Anonymous on October 25, 2008
ummm....sorry to say this buy firing him was wrong. He's my neighbor in Morgan creek, vancouver, b.c. And hasn't been the same. He doesn't like to talk about it and hopes that it won't happen again to somebody in the band. Chad krouger is a extremely obnoxious man and he shouldn't have done something to an amazing drummer.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 03, 2009
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