Clay Aiken Hits the Studio This Spring

Published: 2005-01-21
2004's 'Merry Christmas With Love' CD inspired a successful December tour with Aiken tree ornaments to boot. However, reports say Aiken is taking a break in January (his ears still ringing from the action packed Christmas tour no doubt) and returning to the studio in March to begin working on his fourth studio release.

Therefore, there is hope for the winners of 2005 that a career in the industry will not fizzle. Aiken released his debut album, 'Measure Of A Man', in 2003, shortly after he finished American Idol and is still number one with thousands of fans lining up for his concerts.

Currently, Idol fans in Canada are busy readying their vocal talents for the judges, whereas America has hit the stage with its remarkable talent (or lack thereof) in hopes of crowning this year's American Idol.

For your Idol fix, American Idol airs Tuesday on FOX, check your local listings.

Writer: Soul Shine Staff



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Oh boy I can't wait for Clay's next album. I was invited to go to his concerts by a friend and wow was I surprised to see him do such covers as Princes'When Doves Cry and Chain of Fools. This guy can sing more than ballads. The show was hot and I can't wait for the surprises on his next album.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 21, 2005
Wonderful article! Thank you!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 22, 2005
I hope that all the talented folks out there will get their shot at stardom. I will say that I think no one will come close to Clay Aiken's success for a number of reasons.

1. His voice has such enormous range and his sound is music to my heart.
2. His unbelievable character shone, albeit briefly, on AI2 - just enough to let those who cared - know that this was an extraordinary young man(which he has proven to be).
3. Clay's strength, grace and wit shown throughout AI2.
4. Clays ability to grow as a performer - yet keep his beliefs and personal strength always foremost in his heart - will keep him foremost in our hearts forever.
5. Many other reasons too numerous and emphemeral to describe.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 22, 2005
Thanks for this!

Clay has a huge number of Canadian fans and we have travelled to the US for all of his tours. He is simply amazing live in concert and we'd love to have him tour north of the border.

While he was in Toronto with the AI2 tour and was a crowd favourite, we have yet to see him here for any of his solo tours. Any thoughts as to what might be preventing him from at least doing Toronto and/or possibly Vancouver? It has been rumoured that he is 'trying' to set up something.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 22, 2005
For all around talent, Clay has it hands down. If you haven't seen him in live concert, you have missed the real Clay. He is charismatic. You can't take your eyes off him. His voice is magnificent. When he sings the last song, you just don't want it to be over. People exit feeling so elated by the power of his voice and personality, yet sad that they have to call it a night. But, they are ready for the next concert!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 23, 2005
Thank you for the good news about Clay's soon to be made CD.. I LOVE HIM, HIS VOICE IS AWESOME. He's a cutie toooooo.. :>)
Posted by: Anonymous on January 23, 2005
I just wanted to put that i have travelled to the US three times to see clay perform . Hes just getting better and better. Theres something about that man that makes you smile and sing along. Hope he makes the trip to canada soon. If not ill keep making the trip to the USA. Heres to more albums.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 23, 2005
Thanks for this positive report! I can't wait for Clay's next album.
Anyone who has seen Clay perform in concert knows already what a dynamic, entertaining and amazing singer he is. His beautiful voice with its big range puts many other "big name" singers to shame.
I have travelled heavily in the last 18 months to see and hear Clay in concert (11 times) --from the ACC in Toronto (AI2 tour) all the way to his solo tour finale in North Carolina in October 04. Clay just keeps getting better and better, winning friends and fans wherever he appears. His many fans in Canada are praying for Clay concerts in 2005 in Toronto and Vancouver.
I hope you will continue to give him positive is much appreciated by his loyal fans
(and there are a LOT of us!)
Posted by: Anonymous on January 23, 2005
Thanks for this wonderful article. Clay is the most talented artist out there today and he puts on a great concert! I can't wait for his new CD!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 23, 2005
Woohoo! Can't wait for the new album...hurry up Clay!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 23, 2005
I wait with much anticipation for the next release. There is no doubt this project will surpass our expectations. Clay has continued to prove time and again, that he is a true American Idol. I must say thank you to AI2, for bringing this incredible young man to all of us. Thus far I have not missed an opportunity to see Clay in person. I must say that these have been moments of absolute perfection.I can't wait for the next tour, I'll be there.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2005
Clay Aiken is "the Bomb" so to speak. As I see it, "Idol has been found, Game over!" Why bother with AI anymore. Clay has the voice, the passion and "no one" with come close to becoming as awesome as he is. He brings out the best in all of us. Can't wait for ALL his future CD's and then some.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2005
Clay belongs to a certain musical genre and is definitely good at it. For him to stay long in the music business however, he has to experiment on some other type of music. How about a duet with one of the top rap artist?
In addition, he has to appeal to the radio DJs in the country. Why not visit all the major radio stations in the US or Canada?

Just a thought.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2005
I can't wait for Clay Aiken's next CD, he has a wonderful voice,I listen to his music all the time, I have been to one concert, and it left me wanting more. He is the BEST to come from the American Idol show by far, no contest!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2005
A group of us, all ages, are fans of Clay's. We've seen all his concerts except the last one - it sold out too soon! Can't wait for his next CD release! There's been nobody since early Elvis, that generates the interest and excitement, the way that Clay does. Unlike Elvis, fame will never get the best of Clay. He's too smart and savvy with good roots, to keep him grounded.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2005
I, my daughter and 2 grandchildren saw Clay Aiken in concert at Roanoke, VA on July 24, 2004 (solo tour) and we played and sang along with "Clay" CDs all the way home. It was awesome! WE LOVE CLAY! He is the best singer, performer, and all-around "good guy" I have ever seen. To see Clay in person is like attending a NASCAR race at Talladega, you get so much more out of it in person when they say "Gentlemen, start your engines" and 42 race cars crank up their engines--Clay has that same effect on his fans, he cranks up their engines! Can't wait for more Clay! Hurry up and come back to VA soon! Lots of fans live in VA!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2005
This is excellent news! I can hardly wait for his next album. Since there are no Clay sightings these past weeks, news such as this is like taking medication to ease the pain. How I wish he would consider coming back to Toronto! IF not, doesn't matter....I'm used to travel across the border just to see his awesome concerts! Each trip is worth every single penny!!!!!! Clay is sooooo good!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 25, 2005
I've seen Clay twice in concert. I was on the front row at the last concert and was allowed to stand up by the stage the entire time. I've never been so overjoyed and excited to see him so close. He truly has a gift of a great voice and a wonderful personality. He knows he's a cutie and plays us with it! What a godsend!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 27, 2005
I am grateful to AI and 19 Entertainment for bringing Clay into my life. AI is really going to miss him appearing on the show this season, Randy and Simon were VERY disrespectful to him last year. Not letting him preform on the AI3 finale was just plain classless! AI lucked out when they found Clay and they have never given him the props he deserves.Clay is far above AI.Claymates and the entire Clay Nation have a saying, IDOL FOUND, SHOW OVER!

I had given up on Pop music, until Clay. He is the best Singer and Performer I have ever seen. I have been to at least one of every Tour he has done, and came away wanting MORE everytime. I cannot wait for his next CD, HURRY UP CLAY ! PLEASE!!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 30, 2005
Clay's new CD will be great! He is the best singer that has come from the show American Idol. No one else has even come close! I think he is the best!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 30, 2005
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