Ashlee Simpson Gets Thumbs Down at Orange Bowl

Published: 2005-01-06
We've heard all about Ashlee Simpson's lip-syncing mishap on SNL, but would we honestly expect 72,000+ pumped up football fans at Miami's Orange Bowl to boo her on live TV? Ouch. The singer was one of three performances during the half time show when fans saw Southern California clobber Oklahoma 55-19. Was it Ashlee's vocals on "La La" or simply a disappointed Oklahoma fan-base? The camera thankfully cut away from her face as the booing began.

Down but not out, Ashlee is set to appear in the second season of her un-scripted MTV reality show "The Ashlee Simpson Show" which premieres January 26th before she embarks on her first nation-wide tour beginning on February 18th in California.

Ashlee will also be stopping by Canada for a few major dates:

February 26 - Vancouver, BC - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
March 13 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall

Writer: Soul Shine Staff



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ashlee simpson needs to give it up. she sucks.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 06, 2005
She should just quit. That girl has absolutely no singing voice. The crowd made it clear that she is not a good performer or entertainer.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 06, 2005
if the reason for the booing was for her lip sync act on SNL i think that is really stupid. There are SO many other artists that do the exact same thing im sure..and you like them, and thats jus because you dont KNOW that they lip sync. if it was for her vocals, then thats just plain out mean. and i think it was a mixture of both, b/c there had to be a time when an artist hit the wrong note and ppl didt boo them off.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
Look. I don't care if you like her or not... you have to agree that she has no talent and had a horrible performance. Thats why she got booed. Not because of a bunch of dissappointed Oklahoma fans.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
Hey, just becuase she gives one bad show doesnt mean she is bad. Alot of things could go wrong at a concert. At least she tried and is still singing
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
Why is anyone surprised? Its obvious she, nor her sister Jessica, could sing their way out of a brown paper bag. Talent ... musical or otherwise ... is not a prerequisite for fame or celebrity status.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
To the last person that said other artist hit wrong notes and didn't get booed off. Well, how many other artist have you known to sing a whole song off key besides on American Idol. I personaly feel sorry for her because she's just embaresing her-self by even attemting to sing.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
Oh My Gosh! I really can not believe that this girl keeps trying. She needs to give it up. She needs to quit trying to be like her sister, and realize my dog can sing better than her! And what really suprises me, is the people who pay to listen to her! They must not know good music....
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
Just because your sister sings doesnt mean you possess the same talent,I dont know what her family was thinking when they told her she could sing. Ashlee you DONT know how to sing!! Quit while you're ahead. Take whatever money you have made and bow out gracefully before you are remembered as the worst singer ever. We've all seen one time wonders - she doesnt even have that going for her. We all know that voices are edited in the studio-anyone can sound good on cd. The real test is when they sing live she has obviously proven too all of us that she CANNOT sing. Until she realizes it herself we will all keep poking fun at her.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
Ashlee Simpson has no talent-ok one show is ok(SNL) but now 2 whats next-may as well just quit the singing! And she does NOT deserve Ryan Cabrera!I think the whole punk thing isnt working out for her! She just needs to ask her sister for help - Jessica Simpson i LOVE her!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
Ya, this girl should just say goodbye. She has a chance to reclaim herself but she blew it. Does anyone know where I can find her performance online?
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
*sigh* Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashlee...The first 1 or 2 times we heard "Pieces of Me", it was catchy. But a song can be catchy without the singer having any talent whatsoever. Just give it up, the more you sing, the farther you're digging yourself. I am usually very supportive of every singer, but that is just ridiculous.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
I think it is absolutely ridiculous that she got booed off. It doesn't matter if you like an artist or not, you shouldn't boo them off. No one deserves that. If she didn't have a good singing voice, she wouldn't have a CD, or a record label. People need to stop being so negative and get their kicks by doing something productive with their lives and not be so ignorant.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2005
She's just another piece of manufactured pop garbage. She needs to give up singing. She should find a new career. Maybe acti--- no, nevermind, she might get caught reciting recorded lines.

Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
OMG! i love ashlee simpson, but thats bad...i feel bad 4 her!
sorry ashlee!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
She just hopped around and screeched, "Blah blah blah blah" and I bet anyone else that did that would get booed off the stage too. That was a TERRIBLE performance and it did not deserve any applause. She assaulted the ears of 72,000+ people for over three minutes. I do not think it is "just plain out mean" (as one person previously stated) to boo someone for having no vocal talent. I mean it is not like this happened at an junior high school talent show. She has been (falsely) marketing herself as a singer and she proved that she clearly is lacking any vocal talent on Tuesday night. I think her performance sounded like drunken karaoke.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
The public should "can" Britney Spears as well if they are going to condemn people for lip synching. The sad part is, Britney Spears doesn't even look convincing when she attempts to act like she is actually singing. I guess because Britney is a beautiful young lady that's pleasing to the eyes, she is forgiven. Sad world we live in isn't it. lol
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
She can't sing. She wouldn't even make it past the second round of American Idol. Without the recording studios and voice modifications, she is an average karoke singer at best. Her show will be a flop.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
Can't all of you people just leave the girl alone already! I mean at least she has the guts to out there and sing, even after her mess up on SNL.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
Other acts lip sync, sure, but at least they're not so incompentent that they play the wrong tape. lol.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
hey the other person is right just because she sang bad this one time doesnt mean that she has no talent! she has a ton of talent! or she would have made it this far! people booed her because theyre fat lazy men who are careless and even if she did suck who cares at least she tried okay!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
Ashlee You ROCK, Please keep on climing to the top,don't clim down. Thank You
Posted by: Anonymous on January 10, 2005
I think she can hold a tune. She is a new singer and it takes time to develop your voice also. But her voice has alot of potential. I personally don't like most of the songs she does. But she can sing. I am a singer and she can hold a tune. Also the sound in that stadium was messed up and she also may have strained her voice. I mean singers can have throat trouble also. Even Mariah and Whitney have sounded hoarse. I think all you people are jealous.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 12, 2005
theres no working around it- as howard stern said the only way she can regain popularity is if she dies. thats a little harsh but shes doing her thing...put urself in her shoes!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 13, 2005
i dont care what yall say about ashlee simpson but shes a really talented singer!!! just because she messed up doesnt mean she has to quit!!!!I mean at least she has the guts to out there and sing!!!! I THINK ALL U PEOPLE R JUST JEALOUS CUZ SHES A GOOD SINGER!!!


Posted by: Anonymous on January 16, 2005
i think ashlee simpson is sexy as hell she is so dam fine i think that her song la la la is ok im a goth and i think that the song is quite cachy ;)
Posted by: Anonymous on January 20, 2005
i've been singin in a band for like a good 4 years and i totally know talent when i hear it and Ashlee so has tons of it, you guys bad mouthing her totally all need to stop.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 27, 2005
Man how can anyone say anything bad about Ashlee Simpson..I mean cummon she's awesome.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 28, 2005
Listen...if you liked Ashlee before the Orange bowl, why quit now? just because she lipsynced on SNL...that's still her voice...she usually doesn't lipsync, so chill out everyone who thinks she sucks! I like her voice because it's edgy and punky...and I like her lyrics...that's all I have to say on that subject...but whatever, it's your decision!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 01, 2005
I don't understand why no one likes Ashlee Simpson. So she had one bad performance! What singer doesn't? And to those who think she has no singing voice, you guys obviously didn't watch her show because if you did, you would have heard her singing and known she IS good! As someone who has acid reflux, I know it's a pain and I feel for her, at least she actually went up on stage! Maybe you should just focus on yourself instead of judging other people!

Ashlee Simpson Rocks!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 03, 2005
I did watch her show (the O-Bowl show), and based on that performance I would have to say she has no singing voice. The other two artists were able to fight through the sound reinforcement problems and at least for the most part sing in tune. Simpson was so bad it was painful. I've seen live bands for years(and been in a few too), and short of the bargain basement weekend warrior bands at local bars, Ive never heard a lead vocalist sound so bad. Anybody can sound good in the studio, with the multiple takes, pitch shifters, delay, reverb, etc. that are available. Live performance is a whole different story, and the one A Simpson show we know was live was horrid. The rest of her performances we have to question-- was it live, or was it Memorex?
Posted by: Anonymous on February 16, 2005
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