Are The Unicorns Dead?

Published: 2005-01-03
Experimental rockers The Unicorns used this holiday season as an opportunity to send a tremor of uncertainty through the indie music community. The cry that's echoing throughout the world is that the Canadian trio has called it quits, and The Unicorns are no longer. A message posted on the band's official web site ( is the reason for the rumour.

Stripped completely of its usual cartoony goodness, The Unicorns' site now simply proclaims: "The Unicorns Are Dead, (R.I.P.)", in big, bold letters, with the Latin phrase "sic transit gloria" (meaning "thus passes away the glory", used when electing a new pope) beneath. There also appears to be black specks of ashes floating around the page, and in true Unicorns style, a link to a movie poster of the 1985 film 'Cocoon'. Notorious jokesters that they are, no one is quite sure whether the band has actually broken up or if it's all just one big prank.

A message found in the guestbook on the site supposedly from band members Alden Ginger and Nick "Neil" Diamonds reads: "Haha. Just kidding. Funny, aren't we?" Once again, no one is quite sure if it was actually the band members who posted the message, or if it's yet another joke, or possibly the truth. Nevertheless music fans are torn up and sweating buckets over the break-up/break-up joke.

Speculations are running rampant over the "The Unicorns Are Dead" confusion, with some hoping the web site simply exceeded its bandwidth. If the band's label Alien8's Records' premonition is to be believed, the "break-up" may be due to an unfortunate axe-murder incident. In the end it comes down to just a few possibilities: 1) The Unicorns have broken up 2) The band was bored and needed entertainment 3) Alden is becoming the pope and/or all three members are preparing for a life of eternal youth in space.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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