The Decemberists Prep 'Picaresque'

Published: 2004-12-21
The newest disc from chamber pop quartet The Decemberists can be expected to appear on shelves fairly soon. The release date for 'Picaresque' has been placed on March 22nd, 2005, but keep in mind nothing is ever concrete where release dates are concerned. Following up the critically-acclaimed 2003 album 'Her Majesty', the 11-track record that is 'Picaresque' will be the indie darlings' third full-length release.

The first month of 2005 will see The Decemberists' leader Colin Meloy embark on a short solo tour. There are a total of 9 performances scheduled for January, but none of them will carry Meloy north of the border. Canadian fans will either have to trek down to the States to see him, or wait until The Decemberists head out on the inevitable tour in support of 'Picaresque'.

Earlier this month tracks from a promo version of 'Picaresque' found their way onto the internet. However, don't go looking for them as they've been removed from the web at the request of The Decemberists, who explained: "We spend a lot of time prepping for the release of a record -- we have a lot of folks working very hard to make sure the record gets a proper release at the scheduled time. It'd be nice to think that we have enough control over our art to keep our records veiled until we see fit to unveil them."

For those with inquiring minds, the word "picaresque" is basically defined as "an adventure story about a rogue and his escapades". Does this mean that The Decemberists new effort is a concept albumÖ?

Here's the track-listing of 'Picaresque':

'The Infanta'
'We Both Go Down Together'
'The Sporting Life'
'Eli, The Barrow Boy'
'The Bagman's Gambit'
'From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea)'
'Sixteen Military Wives'
'The Engine Driver'
'On the Bus Mall'
'The Mariner's Revenge Song'
'Of Angels and Angels'

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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