Ol' Dirty Bastard Died of Accidental Overdose

Published: 2004-12-16
According to reports that surfaced earlier this week, the New York medical examiner's office has declared that rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard died of an accidental overdose. A combination of cocaine and prescription painkillers was found in the artist's system according to the autopsy report. Before ODB (whose real name is Russell Jones) collapsed in a Manhattan recording studio, he had complained of chest pains.

The official statement from Ellen Borakove, a spokesperson for the New York medical examiner's office, explained Jones's death "as a result of intoxication by the combined effects of cocaine and Tramadol, a prescription painkiller but not a narcotic. The manner of death is an accident."

As previously reported on Soul Shine, the first posthumous release from Ol' Dirty Bastard is due to hit stores on January 4th. The 15-track album has been titled 'Osirus', after one of Jones' many nicknames. The record ODB was working on for Roc-A-Fella Records before he died is being aimed for an early 2005 release.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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was it a necessity to get that doped up to rap?
Posted by: Anonymous on December 16, 2004
Accidental???? He KILLED HIMSELF...poor excuse for a roll model....got what he deserves....hang with the dogs, you're going to get the flees....
Posted by: Anonymous on December 16, 2004
I hope for the family of ODB, a merry x-mas and a happy new years, and keep all the great times and memories strong in their life, i hope the blessing of god to this family, we cant judge people for their short coming for we all have them,in our life, lets dont be so fast to judge people just say a little prayer, and hug someone, tell that someone that they can make it. thanks for listening jeff shephard
Posted by: Anonymous on December 16, 2004
how can they call this accidental? Oh he just accidently snorted too much dope that day? He killed himself, and, I say good, one less promoter of drugs sex and violence in the world.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 16, 2004
ODB, he had an awesome talent, but a not so awesome habit. When ppl say they are relieved that your dead, i find that extremely disrespectful and stupid. He was one artist who had true creativity, he rapped from the heart, something not too many rap artists do these days. He had a style unlike no other. Thats how he became so recognizable, so noticed. I say **** all the people who talk *** about him, because they obviously dont know all the facts, and nobody can understand what was going on in odbs head, especially when he overdosed. Its not fair that hes gone, its not fair he had to spend so much time in prison. When he was on parole, I was hoping he would get his stuff straightened out, life back together, and then i hear he died, i couldnt believe it. After being a fan of odb for over a decade, it hurt to find that out. Im not sure how exactly he got into the overdose, who he was with or what, but i dont blame him, he had a problem, he should have been helped alot better, i dont blame odb for his death at all. i blame drugs and whoever sold it to him. whether he was sold legal or illegal drugs, i blame them. he should have been monitored better, until he proved to everyone he will stay clean. anyways. seeing these 6 letters together is depressing and still cant believe hes gone. RIP ODB
Posted by: Anonymous on December 21, 2004
how can we judge this poor guy? he was a master mind in his own right.. he rocked the rap scene. if we take his death as a realization not as a accusation. i hope this shows people that theres help for drugs.. the sooner you get off them the sooner you can help others and make yourself safer.
r.i.p odb
Posted by: Anonymous on December 27, 2004
too much money mixed with too much idle time = overdose. Nobody can accidentally overdose, you know what your getting into when you shove the dollar up your nose. I was a big fan of ODB but he lost alot of my respect, not like I didnt assume he was doing it but alot of kids look up to him. This is what our world is coming to and we got to live with it whether we like it or not.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 28, 2004
I think alot of u ppl are bein very ignorant.....we have suffered the loss of so many hip hop greats, and Ol' Dirty was one of them.....We gotta stop all the hatin' and discriminatin'.. Hip Hop is all about one love, not bashin someone who cant defend themselves...it is a shame we have to hear about so many people on drugs, but what if it were ur child???would u still be like" oh well, he was on drugs.......he deserved to die"??? Not bloody likely! I think u guys need to grow up and show some respect where its due.....Granted Ol Dirty did some sh*t in his life that he probably shouldnt have, he was a huge contributer to what we call hiphop these days....how many of u ppl sayin that he deserved to die have a Wu Tang album??or at least bobbed ur head to some of their beats???Probably quite a few....What if it were Meth(od Man)??? Would u say that he deserved to die because he smokes weed??? Come on ppl...hip hop is in enough crap from all the negative publicity from the media....do we really need more from so called fans on a hip hop site???
Posted by: Anonymous on December 28, 2004
There are some really evil messages here and its not odb's family I feel sorry for, its some of the people on this message thread I feel the most sorry for.

No compassion, no understanding....as if they lead their own lives under the grace of god.

When a member of YOUR family dies, and I say "he had it coming" would YOU like that?

Grow up.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 31, 2004
Who on this earth is fit to judge ODB or anyone else?? Let me say that it is possible to accidentally overdose. Anyone with half a brain knows that using drugs is like playing with fire, but very few people start using drugs expecting from the onset to DIE. ODB wasn't a perfect person..OK, but who is? The man deserves props for the mark he left on the music scene. And my sympathy for his family who were probably innocent victims in this. Just a little tolerance........
Posted by: Anonymous on December 31, 2004
This has been a really sad loss to the rap game and I think people should realise we have lost one of the most creative and unique cats in the rap game.I was really shocked when I heard odb had passed under some really odd circumstances, and worse still some cats decide to beat down on a dead man instead of showing some much deserved respect irregardless of how he leaved his life. ODB RIP my black brother. Always in my heart. One love to the world and one less the WU and the rap game at large!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 31, 2004
RIP ODB you will be misssed. And to all of those fools who have negativity to spread in the aftermath of such somber news: Open your eyes and realize a tragedy as just that; a tragedy, not as a time to point fingers or laugh or blame. For when you die, whether it be of your hand or another's, the end will still be the same as his. At least he touched many people's lives, he had a unique talent and that can't be denied. What a tragedy: one more death of a talented young entertainer due to drugs. May comfort come to all his friends and family.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 31, 2004
all this disrespect really ticks me off, i cant stand the way u peeps are runnin your mouths... theres absolutely no reason u shuld be hatin on ol dirty, hes only human. have some respect for a great artist, his rhymes are tight yall know that, wu tang totally took the music business by storm, wherever u go theres always someone reppin wutang. odb was a big part of the clan. even if he killed himself yall dont know what he was going thru at that time in his life, and u have no right to talk on behalf of the mistake.yea he took those drugs, yea he lost his life, and yea he will live on no matter what u say. RIP OL DIRTY!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 05, 2005
ODB's death is a tragic one. I wish someone would have told him Jesus loves him and God is his friend. His death is the result of what happens when you have no one by your side who genuinely cares for you. People only hang around these stars b/c it benefits them in some way. Its too late for ODB now, but not for u.
Make ammends with the Lord. God bless
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2005
"So after the laughter, I guess comes the tears"

We miss you.


Posted by: Anonymous on January 23, 2005
What can I say, another talented brother gone, like Tupac and Big. The trend is the sign that we are end of the rope. The pressure to stay in the game, and keep the fans coming back. The is a job which will send any artist with a weak foundation over the edge. The bottom line, when you are on top of the world with the devil, you have to remember only God can keep you alive.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 03, 2006
odb waz d best raper of all time wu iz still grate but it wnt b d same . we mis u
Posted by: Anonymous on February 16, 2006
yeah thats my cuz better not be talking about him god bless well miss you odb love young neff
Posted by: Anonymous on November 17, 2006
damn dats messed up cuz he was a good rapper.Why is all these people using drugs dont they have enough money to buy something else
Posted by: Anonymous on October 31, 2008
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