Free Fiona Apple Campaign

Published: 2004-12-09
Fiona Apple enjoyed platinum success with her first two albums, 1996's 'Tidal' and 2000's 'When the Pawn ÷', but the release of her third record is being delayed by Sony Music because in the words of Producer Jon Brion, it lacks "an obvious single." The album, entitled 'Extraordinary Machine', has been complete since May of 2003 but Sony/BMG music has opted not to release it.

In response, a campaign for the release of the album has been launched. A website ( is urging all the Fiona-heads out there to mail apples, of the plastic and real variety, to Sony Music CEO Andrew Lack. FreeFiona founder Dave Muscato is clearly incensed at Sony's focus on the bottom line:

"Sony has a responsibility to their shareholders, but they also have a very important responsibility to the art of music itself. They should focus on the real problem - file sharing - and not some short-sighted and very harmful way to raise profits. The major labels have a very real advantage over indies in industry influence and distribution power, but Sony and the other majors are abusing that power. It's not right, and they know it. And sooner or later, they're going to pay for it in sales. People are tired of being force-fed pop music."

The FreeFiona website has been active just two weeks, but has enjoyed broad exposure in that short time span. The website includes an online petition, as well as directions as to how to donate money to the cause. Apparently they have received $385.56 thus far, with a fundraising goal set at $8, 825. The money will reportedly go towards purchasing t-shirts for campus crews, flyers and plastic apples for campus events such as the one being organized at the University of Missouri. It makes you wonder what would happen if a Neil Diamond release was postponed?

Writer: Joe Henley



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I have no problem with refusing to purchase another sony product, due to their lack of respect to the artist Fiona Apple of whom I have plenty of respect. In fact I will not buy another sony product of anykind until they release her album.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 12, 2004
I don't get it. It's all about the money and if she signed a contract with Sony, then it's up to them. There lots of other artists with greater talent on lesser labels.... If it's about art and not $, then let's see some $2.00 CD's. Otherwise - don't pretend its about anything other than marketing.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 23, 2004
Even if you're not a Fiona fan, this is significant because record companies should have some kind of regard for art, diversity of artists and sounds, rather than just spoonfeeding us all hyper-programmed music so much. We need diverse music voicces to be heard. I wonder sometimes in this day and age, could a Jimi Hendrix or Led Zepplin or an Aretha get signed under these conditions of age/race/weight marketing? So many great artists were not million sellers out the gate...may have taken a FEW albums, but some were allowed that room to develop...but no more of that with the conglomerates. I'll gladly support Fiona's music release whether or not I like it for artistic diversity's sake.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 23, 2004
it's amazing to me that these days we have crap on the radio like "baby-mama", but real music like that of fiona apple gets shelved. i thought this was america for crying out loud!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 20, 2005
Fiona Apple is a genius. Her album (if at all like the other two) is full of profoundly written and preformed BEAUTIFUL music. She writes things that are so overwhelmingly outstanding that to think her third album would not be well received after five years of anticipation is an unreal excuse that is keeping me up at night. I have been dying for this album to be released, and I will be one happy person once Sony realizes that they are beign completely unreasonable and asinine and lets the album out.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 24, 2005
As far as Fiona goes, she is amazing. Her music moves you, and to the people that know her music, know what I am saying is true. I agree with the others. NO ARTISTIC FREEDOM! I have been in this boat, and it was crap. I care not to let on who I am, but this has happened for years, so sign this thing so "we" the artists can do what we do best. She is a multi-platinum artist. Even if there isn't a radio hit, her fans will buy it regardless. She is not Britney Spears, and I wouldn;t want her to ever be either! Send SONY something daily. Just keep doing it until they break!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 17, 2005
I'm apalled that Sony has yet to release Fiona's new album "Extraordinary Machine". I've gotten a chance to hear the full album and I have to say that I'm impressed, extraordinarily. Apparently our music must lack significance, meaning, gorgeous lyrics, and a beautiful rhythm for it to be suitable for our deadened ears. Listening to Fiona's new album is like waking up after a nightmare; at first you're not too sure but then you realize that everything is going to be ok. I fully intend to purchace the album when it is released. Shame on Sony for making me and all of Fiona's fans wait so long.
Posted by: on March 23, 2005
I think Fiona deserves better, and we should do all we can to help her voice be heard!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 14, 2005
I LOVE FIONA. I'm glad her CD is coming out!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 23, 2005
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