The Mars Volta Get Epic With ëFrances The Muteí

Published: 2004-12-07
There's not one single person on earth who believes The Mars Volta are your run-of-the-mill rock'n'roll band, but even if there are any doubters out there, their outlooks are certain to change. While most albums hardly ever make it over the 50-minute mark, The Mars Volta's next effort 'Frances the Mute' will run nearly 80 minutes in length.

Not only does the quartet's sophomore effort exceed most people's attention span length, the 77 minutes that are 'Frances The Mute' will house just one track. Yep, that's right, just one, 77-minute long song. Not to worry about the daunting length though, as the singular track will be broken down into smaller suites of music (although they will be pieced together seamlessly), which will presumably have different track numbers once popped into a CD player.

Ready for release in March 2005, 'Frances The Mute' will, in fact, produce a single (and no it's not the entire 77-minute run). Rumour has it that the first single to be lifted from 'Frances The Mute' is a chunk of music called 'The Widow' (complete with video).

Following the format of many a prog-rock track-listing before it, here follows the running order of 'Frances The Mute':

'CygnusÖVismund Cyngus'
A. 'Sarcophagi'
B. 'Umbilical Syllables'
C. 'Facilis Descenus Averni'
D. 'Con Safo'

'The Widow

'L'Via L'Viaquez'

'Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore'
A. 'Vade Mecum'
B. 'Pour Another Icepick'
C. 'Pisacis (Phra-Men-Ma)'
D. 'Con Safo'

Cassandra Gemini
A. 'Tarantism'
B. 'Plant A Nail In The Navel Stream'
C. 'Faminepulse'
D. 'Multiple Spouse Wounds'
E. 'Sarcophagi'

Cover-art master Storm Thorgerson will once again add his artistic skills to The Mars Volta's work (he was also responsible for the artwork featured on the band's debut). Never ones to follow the norm, The Mars Volta's 2003 debut 'De-Loused in the Comatorium' was a concept album. Most bands never even attempt a concept album, never mind kicking off their careers with one. And they especially don't follow-up their concept album with a 77-minute long song. That is exactly why The Mars Volta are, and will always be, completely atypical.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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an hour and a half long song album??? i just NEEED that album!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 11, 2004
Thats what makes mars volta amazing, they simply don't do the things other bands do. It's pretty safe to say musical ability and originality has been thrown out the window. I would say thank you, for truly loving music and art more than the get rich off of music dream.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 15, 2004
The mars volta is the best band in the universe! combining talent, skill, stage presence and guts to come out with something creative!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2004
I recently purchased the 2003 Mars Volta album, and I already want another new one. This band is simply amazing.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 03, 2005
i just downloaded and listened the Frances the Mute. it definitely shows shades of "de-loused", but it's also very different. íLíVia LíViaquezí is almost entirely in Spanish, and three of the "tracks" are about 15 minutes in length, with 'Cassandra Gemini' being about 30 minutes long. Many different things going on here, from horns to more odd guitar riffs from Omar. Great album, they took the next step foward. Final note: I've been listening to these two guys since "Acrobatic Tenement" came out, and Cedric and Omar have never sounded better.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 17, 2005
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