Napster Founder Introduces New File Sharing Service

Published: 2004-12-06
In yet more file sharing news, NME is reporting that Napster founder Shawn Fanning is planning another legal music download service that will reportedly have an almost limitless amount of tracks. Fanning, now the head of Snocap Inc., says that his new system will allow users to legally exchange songs while enabling record labels to block unauthorized versions of their songs providing that those songs are registered with Snocap. This will allow Snocap to compete with products like Kazaa whose track catalogue is limited only by the number of users online at any one time and the number of files they share. Fanning deplored the lack of content on other downloading services in a press release, selling his new service as a means of bridging the gap between legal downloading services and their counterparts that are at odds with the recording industry. Snocap has already received $10 million in funding from WaldenVC, a San Francisco based venture capital firm, and Morgenthaler Ventures whose headquarters are in Menlo, California. Fanning had this to say about the Snocap's vision for its service:

"Snocap envisions a world where consumers can discover, share and purchase music from a massively deep, almost infinite catalogue-- constantly updated with new and old releases, live, out-of-print tracks, and more. By giving record labels and artists what they need to deliver their music over any digital platform, including peer-to-peer networks, we are finally realizing the full potential of the Internet as a source of music for fans everywhere."

Record companies will be able to exercise a degree of control over their material. They will be able to specify the number of times a song can be played before a user is required to buy it and whether that song can be burned to a CD or shared. Universal has already signed on with Snocap.

Writer: Joe Henley



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It is so hard to know what is legal and illegal. I hope that RIAA had a list itself of what's legal or illegal. I am interested in MP3Downloading, which say they are legal and I have done my homework. I truly believe they are legal, but how is one really is to know.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 06, 2004
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