Canadian's Get Best Price On New iTunes Service

Published: 2004-12-06
You try to introduce a music downloading service to Canada and what do you get? Nothing but headaches. AXcess News is reporting that varying rates from iTunes for songs in different countries are upsetting people, not to mention agencies such as Britain's Office of Fair Trading. The reason they are upset is that, and this is where it pays to be Canadian, Canadians are paying less for their iTunes music than any of the 14 other countries iTunes is selling their products in. For example, in the true north strong and free we pay 99 cents per song on iTunes. Americans are charged the same price, but in American dollars. Therefore, according to AXcess, with the current exchange rate we are paying approximately 15% less than our Yankee counterparts. There are similar discrepancies between European nations as well. So why don't Americans, or Brits for that matter, simply order from the Canadian site? The crafty devils at Apple are locking out all Foreign IP addresses from ordering from iTunes Canada.

Writer: Joe Henley



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