Get To Know Buck 65 Better

Published: 2004-12-02
Fans of Canada's premiere white hip hop artist will be happy to know that the New Year will bring a new Buck 65 album along with it. The compilation 'This Right Here Is Buck 65' comes on the heels of the Juno award winning album 'Talkin' Honky Blues, and will be available for purchase on January 25th, 2005. This will be the Buck's first release for V2 records, which is also home to huge names like The White Stripes, Moby, and Elbow.

As people may or may not know, Buck 65 (real name Richard Terfry) has a back catalogue that rivals that of Modest Mouse for sheer volume. While Buck 65 made his home in the underground for many years (since his 1996 debut 'Psoriasis', in fact), his latest full-length brought him to the mainstream with hits like 'Wicked and Weird'. Since many people just discovered Terfry and his music, it would be a monstrous task to catch up on even the rapper's recent past. The solution to this problem? Well, that would be 'This Right Here Is Buck 65'.

The record complies Buck 65's most recent albums onto one compact disc, allowing for our neighbours to the south to get better acquainted with the Nova Scotia born rapper. There are 12 tracks featured on 'This Right Here Is Buck 65', including songs culled from his latest LP 'Talkin' Honky Blues' ('Wicked and Weird', 'Roses and Bluejays'), his 2001 album 'Man Overboard' ('Pants on Fire'), and his 1999 full-length 'Vertex' ('Centaur'). Tracks from Buck 65's two 2004 EPs also make an appearance on the compilation ('Bandits', 'Phil', 'Out of Focus').

The track-listing of 'This Here Is Buck 65':

'Cries a Girl'
'Wicked and Weird'
'Roses and Bluejays'
'Out of Focus'
'Talking Fishing Blues'
'Pants On Fire'

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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buck 65 is awesome. talkin' honky blues is straight poetry (with the risk of sounding corny)
Posted by: Anonymous on December 25, 2004
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