Paris Hilton Gets To Work

Published: 2004-11-25
While news of Paris Hilton's foray into the music world has been floating around for quite a while, it seems the heiress is finally buckling down to work on the project. Now that the third season of her reality show 'Simple Life 3: Interns' has wrapped up, the socialite now has the time to be in the studio full-time. If all goes well, Paris Hilton's debut album (rumoured to be titled 'Paris Is Burning') should be in stores in February of next year.

Helping Hilton out as she works on what will become her debut album is rapper Lil Jon. The Atlanta rapper was originally slated to help produce the record, but due to the busy schedules of both parties, he will now just contribute his songwriting skills. If there's one catch phrase Paris Hilton and 'Simple Life' co-star Nicole Richie are known for, it has to be "that's hot", which makes it fitting that the track Lil Jon has supplied for Hilton is called - you guessed it - 'That's Hot'.

In addition to the other controversial issues that have plagued Hilton, earlier this year the heiress got into a bind with first single 'Screwed'. Both Hilton and Haylie Duff recorded the song, but obviously it would be a bad move for both to release it. Apparently Hilton is the one taking 'Screwed' forward as she has reworked the single with a new producer. Originally working with Robb Boldt (JC Chasez, Carly Hennessy), Hilton re-recorded the song with Rob Cavallo (Green Day, L7, Goo Goo Dolls) to give it a harder, rockier edge.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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I love Paris. I'm a huge fan of her and her TV show "The Simple Life". I cannot wait til her CD is out in stores. I'll definitely be buying it whenever it's released. Paris is awesome :D
Posted by: Anonymous on November 26, 2004
i love paris hilton so much.. im a fan of her tv show the simple life.. ive read her new book and its awesome! ..i cant wait for her cd.. i cant wait to buy it! .. !!!i love paris hilton shes so cool.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 28, 2004
This is going to be funny! Im not a fan of Paris as i believe she has no talent what so ever at doing anything other than boy jumping and making the tabloids. Shes gotten very far in being stupid. So i cant wait for this to come out to see if she actually is good at something.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 28, 2004
i have yet to hear paris sing but with all of her issues that she constantly has going on i dont understand why she cant try to have more of a "simple life". whenever you hear anything about paris or the commenting about herself she constantly brags. who would name their cd paris is burning, why not come up with something a little more creative.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 30, 2004
Paris is so beautiful inside and out she is an amazing talent and I am soooo excited about her new scent, album and clothing line, I can hardly wait....But what about something for the kiddies my niece loves Ms. Hilton and watches the Simple Life what about a Paris doll and line of clothing for the Barbie lover, a pink corvette, a manhattan penthouse, pool, private jet the list could go on and on...I know what I want under my tree next year more Paris merchandise and DVD's...
Posted by: Anonymous on December 07, 2004
I like paris, but she really has no talent not trying to be mean but the only thing she is good at is walking down the red carpet and having her pic taken. i'v seen her act and she just tries to hard, (and her "CD" she is putting out) shes prob going to have voice inhancers "digitaly" to make her voice sound good thats what britny spears did with her CDs and at her conserts she would lip-sing and thats what paris is prob going to do.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 08, 2004
I love Paris!! Im probably one of her biggest fans!! I just finished reading her book and it was so fabulous! Even though shes done some pretty stupid stuff, shes still a great person and should be ackowledged for her great personality and charisma. Her Fragrance is brilliant, and so is her jewelry collection!! I cant wait for her clothing line and her CD to come out!! Paris rocks!!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 25, 2004
Paris is so hot! She's the best at doing everything and nothing. When her cd is released, everyone should buy it, lend it, burn it, and borrow it. Don't hate the chick cause she's plain sick--she's just too hot for her own good. And damn, have you heard her sing--it's Grammy Time! That cd is gonna be just so friggin' HOT!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 18, 2005
I have heard just a bit of Paris Hilton new single "screwed" and it is awesome its not that I diddnt think she COULDNT sing its just it dosent sound like you would think Paris Hilton would sound but I am a huge fan of hers and I think she is THE BEST EVER I LOVE HER
Posted by: Anonymous on April 29, 2005
im doing a speech about paris hilton cuz ur my idol!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 04, 2005
I never gave Paris much notice in past. Recently, a friend lent me a copy of "Screwed" and I was amazed I actully liked it (Which is saying something, since I don't listen to top 40 music.)Seems Paris has finally found her niche'. Lets hope the album is up to par with the single.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 24, 2005
I love Paris Hilton, I'm such a huge fan of her and the simple life. It's such a good show, I luv it! Paris is meh IDOL! Even though my family an friends don't appreciate her like I do...I can't wait for her cd to come out.
Posted by: Anonymous on August 30, 2005
Paris Hilton is a personified manifestation of all that is wrong with the world. Greed, selfish pride, ignorance, and lack of respect for anything.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 26, 2005
Whether Paris has talent or not, she is obviously smart enough to laugh it all the way to the bank. I heard "Screwded" and I think it will be a winner for her. She may act a dumb blonde but I think her cd may have people looking at her other talents, other then her looks for a change. I say why not give it a shot! Couldn't be much worse then what is current out in the POP world lately.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 01, 2006
I think I would have taken Paris more seriously is so would have taken a musical career seriously. Same with her TV show (find it rather dumb and her scenarios rather dumb too). Lets face it, her name and fame (if you can call it that) got her the attention, publicity, etc. I dont take her seriously now. Too bad she doesnt do public humanitarian work like some actresses or celebrities. Her life is ONE BIG PARTY and what a WASTE OF TIME.
Posted by: Anonymous on June 13, 2006
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